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Wrigley Field Naming Rights - It Depends

This is not April Fools, so I am not announcing that Sam Zell has sold the naming right to Wrigley Field to Kimberly-Clark, makers of Depend Adult Diapers. Rather, "It Depends" represents my feelings about the topic of the sale of the naming rights, for I feel it is inevitable that it will happen.

On a tangible level, the Cubs will be playing in the same place, on the same approximate schedule, for a price in line with the typical inflationary trend Cubs tickets have followed the past several years. The biggest thing you will definitely notice is what is displayed on the center field message board. The Marquee, though, that's a sticky one, since it has Landmark Status. Somehow the whizbangs in Marketing will figure out a 'logical' solution to that one, just like they came up with the Premium Ticket Service hogwallow.

So, assuming the team will play in the same place at the same times for an acceptable price:

Very simply, you should welcome the renaming of Wrigley Field to Depends Park, or anything else, if the money was directly applied to attracting and retaining the finest playing and management talent.

You should tolerate the renaming of Wrigley Field to Depends Park, or anything else, if the money was directly applied to the maintenance and enhancement of the facility itself and the area around it. If they want to tear the place down a section at a time, and reassemble it so it looks like it was built in 1914, but the toilets flush like they were installed in 2008....I will shake my head, but I would understand.

If however, the money is going to go back into Sam Zell's pockets, without any impact on the team and the park, then I would suggest that you pray for grace for your soul. Zell owns the house, and he certainly has the legal right to sell the name, and it is a complete waste of your energy to resist it. Do not fight the man; do not lower yourself. For I believe it is only God's place to judge, and if Zell renames the greatest cathedral in organized sports for entirely his own personal wealth, then in the end, you can float by our your puffy Cub cloud, and watch Satan stoke his furnace with all of Sam's hundreds.

"If they want to tear the

"If they want to tear the place down a section at a time, and reassemble it so it looks like it was built in 1914, but the toilets flush like they were installed in 2008....I will shake my head, but I would understand."

Bless you, Rob. You rock.

Sucky, But True

Unfortunately, I agree that the naming rights to Wrigley Field will be sold one day and that we should all begin to prepare ourselves now. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't feel like hurling poop at the dude (whether that's Zell or whoever) who signs off on the deal.

Things weren't the same after they installed lights, they weren't the same after they made the rooftop owners partners, they weren't the same when they decided to scalp their own tickets. Yet we all still love the team. I think the same thing will happen here. Unless they tear off the red marquee, the corporate name won't matter.

And if they use the money to sign a stud pitcher that wins us the Series, it *really* won't matter.

Perhaps one day I will take

Perhaps one day I will take my grandchildren to Pfizer 'Viva Viagra' Wrigley Field Stadium.

If you come to a fork in the road, take it - Yogi Berra


what does that quote have to do w/ anything?!?! totally random dude

Preparation Wrigley

I'm preparing myself by never attending another game at Wrigley Field ever again if they change the name.

I'll also never buy anything with another stadium name on it, and I'll prepare "Wrigley Field Forever!" signs whenever the Cubs come to Denver. Smiling

What if somebody offered you

What if somebody offered you tickets to Game Seven of the World Series at Budweiser Presents Wrigley Field?

That'll never happen

Not that I think the Cubs will never make it to the WS in my lifetime, but there are too many other suckers out there who will go, so I need not worry about ever being offered such tickets.

And no, I still wouldn't go.

Before he left the blog,

Before he left the blog, Mike made a post about people who place a higher value in Wrigley Field than in the actual product ON the field.

I don't especially agree with Mike in that regard, but, seriously, I'm a Cubs fan because I want the Cubs to win the World Series, not because I support their pretty ballpark with its legendary name. I would do a lot of things to see the Cubs win a World Championship. It is Priority One.

Wrigley Field is nice, but it is not a priority of the same level. I love the Cubs and Cubs baseball. If they change the name, who the frack cares, I'll still call it Wrigley Field, and if it helps the Cubs win, I'll be thrilled.

I understand that not every body sees eye to eye with me in that regard, but it honestly befuddles me when they don't, and it flabbergasts me to read you say you'd never go to another game if they changed the name.

Am I a bad person for thinking, "oh well, that'd be a shorter wait in the digital waiting room?"

"and if it helps the Cubs

"and if it helps the Cubs win"

And how exactly is changing the name going to help the Cubs win? More revenue so we can get our payroll up around Red Sox or Yankees numbers?

Maybe it'll help us sit back and watch as the Marlins win another World Series with a payroll 1/5th of the Cubs?

Hey, remember folks, we're in the weaker NL... yet the Cubs are still so completely inept as an organization that they only want to compete every 5 years or so.

Damn you, faceless corporation!

I'm sure it will happen one day and we'll just have to deal with it. Fine, whatever, if its for the greater good then do what you have to do. But be warned, faceless corporation who buys the Wrigley naming rights, I will never EVER buy or use your products ever again. And I think there are thousands, if not, millions of Cubs fans that feel the exact same way.



Thank you

Thank you for reminding us of just how drastically Sox fans lower the bar. Your all-caps, run-on rant has reminded us of just how fortunate we are to be Cub fans.


No idea what the middle portion of that rant means.

And who uses the term 'yuppie' anymore? Oh wait, it's the same fellas that have a 'Mullet Night' at 'The Cell'.

Would be cool if the ignorant anonymous comments could automatically be labeled 'A Goat's Ass says'.....

Wrigley Field? or The Zelladium Field

What's the big deal? Comiskey Park was named after it's owner and now it's U.S Cellular. Many parks were named after there owners. I'm quite sure had they checked there egos at the door they would have been willing to accept millions for the right to name the park way back when. Why would you want to keep a name synonymous with losing anyhow? 100 years of mediocrity and counting.


What's The Big Deal? Accept The Change!

Obviously, the Cubs need a very serious change. During their last 100 plus years they'd changed owners, GMs, managers, coaches, players, and ballparks. Yet they still haven't won any WS trophies. And the media hasn't let go of that ridiculous sixty plus year-old 'curse' thing. Apparently, changing parks will not happen but they're finally giving our beloved landmark a seriously needed 'makeover'. Everyone should just let go of that horrid winless past and look to the future and accept the park's apparent new name change. Let's face it; whether it happens or not, we all will still end up paying for it anyway. So we may as well not make a big deal out of it. Anything that will help make the Cubs grow up, play intelligent baseball, and start winning more games and finally winning pennants and WS trophies. And hopefully that pathetic 'curse' thing will finally die.

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