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This just in - the Cubs are going to win the World Series in 2008!

Ryan Dempster is making some headlines for having predicted that the Cubs will win the Big One in 2008.  I don't know why this is news.  Four years ago, Carlos Zambrano predicted that the Cubs would win 120 games.  Now that is a splash announcement right there, and that is also the father of our beloved Zambran-0-Meter. 

The funny thing about Dempster's promise is that he almost certainly will not see it through as a Cub.  I have a strong suspision that our former closer will be wearing a Royals uniform - or something equally crappy - come May.

I have no problem with Dempster making this claim; in fact, I will shortly predict that the Cubs will win 120 games in 2008.  The thing I find shocking is that Dempster is actually getting press coverage for his claim.  I mean, sure, it's worth discussing on blogs, but ESPN?  The Trib?  Seriously?  How hungry are these guys for news?  And it's clear that Dempster is just doing it to put himself over with Cub fans.  There's no easier way to get a pop from a group of fans.  Seriously, I could stand in front of a crowd of Hillary fans and say "Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States!" and, although they wouldn't know me from Satan, they'd cheer me like I just won them all the lottery.  

Anyway, baseball news is picking up.  Spring Training has begun, and although I see about five feet of snow every time I look out the window, it's awesome knowing that the game is coming back soon and Cub fans might actually have something to look forward to.

Re: Dempster's prediction

Show me a Cub that doesn't think they have a chance at a World Series and I'll show you somebody that Hendry should trade tomorrow. Given the payroll, last year's division title and improvements they *all* should be saying this.

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Tabloid Fodder

Well, looks like the season is already in the crapper!

Thanks a lot Ryan. Here's your job application for the Weekly World News.

The Hex

As long as we don't make the cover of SI in the next 6 weeks, we have a shot.

This morning...

...on ESPN1000, Butch Olney predicted the Indians will beat the Cubs in the Series.

Are we completely cursed now?

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