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Praise Jeebus, Jacque is Gone

ESPN is reporting that the Cubs have successfully traded Super-Jacque to the Tigers for 25-year-old Super Sub Omar Infante (whose name begs for a photoshop of his face on a baby).

I personally feel that this is a great trade, assuming there isn't a throw-in that I'm unaware of.  Jacque is a post-30 outfielder with no plate discipline and vanishing power.  Infante can play just about every infield and outfield position and he's not a bad hitter - for a super-sub.  If Hendry chooses to use Omar as his next starting shortstop, then that might be an issue.  Or, maybe they'll put Omar in at second and toss DeRosa into right field on a full-time basis - also a mistake.

Regardless, losing Jacque is practically addition by subtraction, and pulling in a talented, young player like Omar is almost a steal.  It's a good move... now, let's see what else Hendry has up his sleeves. 


Adieu Jacque, you big chunk of deux deux.

Say hi to Neifi for us.......

Holy crap!

Hendry has instructed Ronnie 'I can't hit my way out of a wet paper bag' Cedeno to play some center field in Winterball. Why are we giving him another option?

Is this guy Hendry's cabana boy?

Does Infante really have

Does Infante really have anything to offer? His career numbers are horrible. I don't see how we're any better. I'm hoping the team gets sold quickly just for the sole purpose that it may lead to Hendry getting fired.

Nah, he's perfect

Omar is a perfect bench guy. He's versatile, he can hit just enough to be useful, and he's young. It's a bargain!

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