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The Ice Man Sucketh

In a five game series, anything can happen.  It just doesn't look like "anything" will consist of a Cubs win on the road this time around.

Right now my emotions are ranging between disappointed and antagonized, and I have to admit, I've already started thinking about next year a little bit.  And regardless of what happens in Arizona for the remainder of tonight, or in Chicago on the weekend, one thing is very clear.  The Cubs need a better #2 pitcher.  At this point, it's Carlos Zambrano and a heaping bunch of threes - or worse.

Thank you Ted Lilly for a great 2007 campaign, but on the night when your team needed you the most, you pissed your pants.  

And don't even get me started on our "big hitters," who are so lost out there that I'm expecting Hurley to pop out of some hatch located in the dugout and say "dudes, we need you back on the island ASAP!"  

Considering that this is a team on the verge of being sold, one has to wonder if a new owner will appear in time to spend the kind of money necessary to buy the Cubs their improvements in the off season.  On the bright side, enough young talent has appeared this year that Jim Hendry might be able to trade for some help, thus bypassing any big spending.  But more on that in the coming days.

Go Cubs? 

spend more money

spend more money to improve them? jesus were gonna turn into the yankees and people will say were trying to buy are world series. i think we have spent enough money

The Yankees

Yes, 26 World Series championships would really suck wouldn't they?

They did spend a lot of money in the offseason, but not all of it wisely. I see nothing wrong with spending for a winner and you shouldn't either.

Aw, come on.

I'm as disappointed as the next man, particularly as I've only had half a night's sleep - but what's changed in the last two days? The Cubs have holes, but that we knew already. EVERY team has holes, even the Yankees, and look how much they spend.

Any team can lose two games, particularly when one of them is against Brandon Webb. The reason that the Athletics have nothing to show for their dominance in the last six or seven years is that short series (and seven games is a short series, too) can bite you in the arse. The Cubs got bitten, but that doesn't mean they need to be written off. They were the best team in the National League for a large part of the season, and nothing's changed. They came up against the reigning Cy Young, and then Ted Lilly had a bad night - it's nothing more than that. Lilly is still a good number two - and was the Cubs' ace for much of the season.

All the hand-wringing that will surely follow big losses like this is one of the things I could, as a Cub fan (but not a Bud man), cheerfully do without.

I'm fecking gutted, but it's not over yet, and even if it is, we'll get 'em next time. Go Cubs.

"Considering that this is a

"Considering that this is a team on the verge of being sold, one has to wonder if a new owner will appear in time to spend the kind of money necessary to buy the Cubs their improvements in the off season."

Considering the money already spent in the last 12 months, how much more could a new owner possibly spend without having a BoSox or Yankee-esque payroll?

What happens when our young guys decide it's time they get paid and the owners look at the contracts for Soriano and others and decide that they're SOL?

Hendry bought a team to win this year, and at this rate, we're not only not going to win this year, we're going to be screwed for years to come.


...Can we walk back towards the clif yet...?

You always have to upgrade

Regardless of how well this team does for the remainder of the post season - and hey, who knows, they could still win it; it's happened before - it would be a tremendous mistake to sit still.

I'm just saying, even WS teams have to upgrade. Next year, the Cubs will be looking at an even better Brewers team, and they will need to improve in a few areas if they want to compete. So, when I say "I wonder if the team will have the money to make the upgrades," what I particularly mean is this: I wonder if the team's assets will get frozen, I wonder if they will be unable to take on any kind additional salary, and therefore, I wonder if the pending sale of the team will freeze Hendry and prevent him from upgrading at shortstop, right field, and in the rotation.

No Illusions--But, It's Time to Call Out the Offense

I have had no illusions about this team--this is not the team of 2003, which I felt could easily go all the way--and for that I am not really sad or angry about the performace thus far, but dissapointed, yes. As stated above, we knew this team had holes and we knew that the offense has a sensitive on/off switch, but, having said that, it is time to call out the trinity for their lack of performance...yes, that's right kids, Fonzie, Derrek, and Aramis are practically going 0-for-the-series...I hope Lou is leaning on them hard right now, they need to demonstrate some leadership and make some things happen Saturday...so lets not be so centered on the pitching failures. I'm weirdly confident that they can win both sides at Wrigley and if they can do that (and they'll have to) we have a one game series and it is up for grabs no matter where it is.

Go Cubs!


Considering that this is a team.....

You guys are never gonna learn......follow the White Sox formula idiots......pitching, pitching, pitching and defense.....im sure you can agree judging by your "Big 3's" hitting prowess this series.


Bad luck

Alright, so Ted Lilly crapped the bed last night. But, the Cubs are as much a victim of bad luck as bad (last night anyway) pitching. Soriano and Ramirez have both had multiple balls die at the warning track, and if Daryle Ward's double is hit to any other part of the park, it's gone. Even The Riot came *this* close to going yard last night. This series could just as easily be 2-0 in our favor. I don't think we're in as bad a position as the 2-0 or the game scores indicate.

my two pennies

I tend to think that Hendry's hands may be tied but that shouldn't stop him from finding a way to upgrade. How bout that kid from Notre Dame? (You try to spell his name.) When will he be ready? Can Wood return as a starting pitcher? What do you have at AAA? Any help there? Maybe just exeprience and some stability will be worth 5-10 more wins next year. What does the winning percentage after the lineup stabalized some project to next year? Could it be good enought to earn home field advantage?
Maybe a trade for Tejada would add some pop...
Regardless, I don't think the window is closing. Far from it.
This is a message of Big Brother.

Not yet

Geez, can we wait till the season is over before we have this conversation? I know watching this train wreck has been a surreal bad dream for all of us, and it’s real easy to lose confidence but, we all know the Cubs are much better than this. There is a very real possibility that they’ll get back to familiar surroundings, take a deep breath, and get out of the GD funk they’re in. If Pinella and the fans can charge them up and restore their confidence, then we are more than capable of taking both games and carrying that momentum back to Arizona. I don’t think I’m being naive to think this team is good enough to have a shot at this.

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