Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Curse Schmurse

Before you read another sentence in this post, if you haven't seen them today go and read this awesome article by Rob about Kerry Wood and the Game One Preview by Jason.

I've been meaning to write about this stuff for the past couple of days, but my overzealous GROTA co-writers have all beaten me to the punch.  Basically, I'm a little tired about the media and all this talk about curses.  Which, in itself, is ironic since our website is a spin on the goat curse to begin with. 

But tell me if I'm wrong.  When you're watching a Cubs game this week and the D-Backs begin to battle back, or perhaps when they grab a lead for the first time, how will you feel if the game's announcers start waxing poetic about the curse?  How would you feel if they created a goat graphic that races across the screen every time the Cubs opponents jump ahead in the score?  For me, it's a little belittling, a little condescending.   Cub fans deserve better.

In fact, there are a lot of things that Cub fans deserve, in my opinion.  We deserve to be recognized.  For some absurd reason, fans outside of Chicago see us as beer-swilling, ivy-watching botards who couldn't possibly care less about the performance on the field... as if there are no other teams in baseball in which beer is swilled in excess, and as if there are no ballparks out there that were designed with Wrigley Field in mind.

Cub fans are not the stereotype.  We are passionate, we are knowledgeable, we love our team and we are brutal toward Cub players who displease us.  At this late stage, we demand victory, and nothing less satisfies us.  So, let's bury the Cub fan stereotype once and for all.  Let's show the baseball world what kind of fans we really are. 

Let's be clear.  I do not believe in the curse.  I do believe that the Cubs have had rotten, rotten luck.  I feel that, based on everything I've seen, the Cubs have a great chance of going deep into the post season.  This could be an awesome October.  Let's hope the Cubs don't disappoint... for once.

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