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I heart Lou, or How to Flip-Flop Flawlessly

I'll be honest.  I am always going to have a few issues with Lou.  I would prefer that he more clearly motivated his players, rather than berated them.  I'd like to see him pick a consistent lineup, and I wish he had a better grasp of the bullpen.  But, I have to admit, he's surprised me a bit.

First, in the Tribune regarding Barrett's non-demotion, Lou said the following: "Let's not put this whole thing on the catcher, please.  That's very unfair. It's a team game, and there are 25 of us, including the manager, who have to get the job done. I wouldn't go overboard putting the load on him."

Props, Lou.  Props to you, even if you said that specifically to address criticism that you are a glory hound who points his finger at his players.

Second, I EMailed Daily Herald writer and Goat Friend Bruce Miles asking about whether or not Lou actually holds his players accountable and demands practice.  Shockingly, the answer appears to be that he does. 

"Indeed, they have taken a lot more practice, especially on the road," Miles wrote us.  "In fact, last month, Lou had said 'less is more' . . . because the team might have been getting a little fatigued from all the extra work it was doing.  But they've done a lot more than in years past."

And Miles summed it up well by concluding with this: "Let's remember to put it on the players, not the coaching, when it comes to executing what's been practiced."

Well said, Mr. Miles.  And with that, I will give Lou the props he deserves, and I will step back and let things develop for a while longer before I permanently label Piniella as a hack.
So, there you have it.  My assumptions were wrong, and Lou is doing okay.  Now, go get Seattle. 

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