Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Ted Lilly Ejected

Two outs into the game and Ted Lilly is already gone.  The reason?  A pathetic excuse for an umpiring crew.

One hit batsman. Zero warnings.  One ejection.

The next step is Edgar Renteria giving a forearm to Fontenot on a steal play.  Of course, no consequences for that.  

More to come on this, but feel free to discuss.  And if anyone has an e-mail for the umpire's associatio, please comment. 

mlb umps

Major League Baseball
Umpires Association.

Mellon Bank Center,
1735 Market Street (Suite 3420)
Philadelphia, Pa. 19103-7596

They are pathetic excuses for human beings. I'm goin to the game on thursday and i hope that umpire is there... gonna give him an earfull

Umpire Union's Website

Here's the link for the umpire's union website: http://worldumpires.com/

There is contact us tab at the top of the site.


This team sucks. So depressing. The games are more depressing when you listen to them on the radio like I have to do when I am working. Ron Santo makes you feel more pain.

This whole thing is garbage

Maybe if the umps hadn't been so quick to call warnings the day before, allowing Marquis to plant one in Jones' ribs, this whole thing would have been over with. Instead this is going to carry over to next season now.

By the way, nice move Edgar. Those classes from A-Rod's School of Bush League Cheap Shots are paying for themselves!


bad umpiring

I just can't believe that Wolf's "I knew something was going to happen -- I was expecting it." actually passes as clear, unbiased thinking. He has an obligation to warn the teams that he's going to toss any pitcher who hits someone.

How much you want to bet that Renteria hurt his hand on the judo chop to Fontenot's grill? What a Douchey McDouche.

Just before Edgar was hit, my GF and I were talking about how he was so disliked in Boston because he sucked hind titty there and that neither one of us has liked his attitude since then. Well, he showed us all how classy he is. And you can't spell 'class' without 'ass'.

The proper response

It seems quite clear to me what the cubs need to do. Next time Wolf is behind the plate, call a pitch out (even if nobody's on base) and have the pitcher throw a fast ball right down the middle.

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