Goatriders of the Apocalypse

I know I promised a post mortem this morning...

But I've been a little busy at work today.

Dammit...still no pulse!  Nurse, turn it up to 300.



The large amount of metaphorical death I'm seeing from you 'riders is wayyyyy too premature. Every season, there's a few squads who overachieve, prompting every talking head and sports blogger to talk about how great they are and what a season they're having. Then the inconceivable happens and they're out of the playoff race by mid-August.

Why can't this happen in reverse for our underacheiving Cubbies? Concrete examples in MLB escape me at this point, but for now I'll point to the Ottawa Senators in the NHL. They were written off shortly before the All Star break, and look where they are now? Decidedly deficient in the Stanley Cup Finals, yet in the Finals nonetheless.

Please, guys, it's the first week of June. Save your doom and gloom for after July 12th. Yes, we're Cubs fans and we're used to disappointment, but let's get a little optimistic perspective going. The current blistering 2-game win streak is a start (whoops, dropped negative sarcasm in there...dammit!!)

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