Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Oh, those wacky Cubs

The Cubs somehow managed to avoid a sweep earlier today by sinking the Braves to the tune of a 10-1 score.  This doesn't mean that all hope isn't lost - even the Royals win big sometimes - but it's nice to see that an otherwise lifeless team can awaken for one afternoon and throttle a better team.

I've got nothing positive to say about these guys.  Tomorrow, or perhaps sometime later this week, we will be flying the flag of defeat here at Goat Riders.  Hey, at least we made it until June this year, right?   

I've got a lot of thoughts on the ramifications of this horrible meltdown that we've witnessed, but I don't have time to write about it tonight.  Tomorrow, make sure you drop by and see what we have to say about this mess.

Until then, go Cu-...uh, I can't bring myself to say it.  

i'm Too Optimistic

Sorry Kurt....come on, they played a great game yesterday! Maybe it'll be a turning point, the season isn't lost just yet. Marshall was fantastic, no errors, they scored runs....WITH men on 3rd and less than 2 outs.

I'm just saying, when they win it's time to be excited! Fly the win flag and let's hope we get on a little streak here!


marshall was great!!!

but, the bullpen still blows! why cant they go one game without giving up one run? i know they had a 9 run lead at the time, but still! come on!!! when was the last time they shutout a team this year? i cant remember. i was glad to see the offense put something together, but i hope that shows up in the close games later on. go cubs! and the way its going, bring on bourbannais!

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