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Dawson, Grace miss the Hall

There will be two new players inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer - neither were former Cubs.  I say congratulations to Jim Rice and Ricky Henderson, two deserving players.

Andre Dawson received 67% of the vote, coming short yet again.  Considering the weakness of next year's candidates, there's a decent chance that he'll finally get over the hump and be inducted, but his failure every year is a fine example of how stupid the whole process is.  If Dawson gets inducted in 2010, then shouldn't he have been worthy in 2009?  And 2008?  Will the baseball historians discover a "lost season" in which the new-found numbers pad the Hawk's stats enough to make him a no-brainer?

I guess what I'm saying is that either a player has the numbers or he doesn't.  If he eventually gets in, then he should've gotten in during Year One of his eligibility.

Oh, and Mark Grace failed to garner even 5% of the vote, meaning his name will not even be on the list again.  I'm sure there are a few boisterous women out there who cried tears of frustration when they saw that he only received a couple dozen votes.


The Hawk is right there on the verge of getting in. I really like his chances next year, when Tommy John comes off and only Barry Larkin and Roberto Alomar will be added to the mix. Grace didn't get quite as much love, but I'll listen to him call the games in Arizona and hope that he sticks around the booth long enough to sneak into that wing of the Hall of Fame.

I have heard several guys today

...who say that Alomar is a Shoo-In next year.


Sandberg had to wait three years, but Mr. Spitter is a first-ballot guy?

Of course, any "lock" guys will only hurt Dawson's chances for next year. Then again, if he weren't a Cub, I'm not sure if I would vote for him.


I don't think that the Hawk wasn't worthy of making the cut the last few years, but he was up against some pretty tough guys to make in ahead of. I like Dawson as much as the next guy, but there is no way he was going to beat out Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn to make it in 2008. His numbers along with all of the guys on the list are usually deserving of the votes, and you can make cases for lots of guys that should've gotten in by this point in time - but baseball never makes much sense anyway. The all-time hits leader in the history of the game, Pete Rose, is nowhere to be found in Cooperstown. I also have no problems saying that I hope the next Cub's player that makes it into the Hall of Fame is Ron Santo, just because of what he has meant to the game and the Cub's organization for so many years now.

Why does this site not like

Why does this site not like Mark Grace again? Don't get me wrong, he's not even CLOSE to being a HoF'er...but why the Grace cracks??

Not sure who you're talking about

I like Grace a lot though. I make a point to watch D-Backs game that are on later at night mostly because he is their announcer and they have a good, young team. I never really considered him a Hall of Famer, but he was awesome for the cub's organization.

Could you quote any of us

Could you quote any of us regarding our apparent dislike of Grace?

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