Goatriders of the Apocalypse

It's kind of dusty in here

Because my eyes are watering, and I was coming out here anyway in order to regain some perspective, but oh, my gosh...

It is debatable whether or not God put us on this earth to write Java code, or hit baseballs, or complain about other guys who are supposed to hit baseballs but do not.  I'm not sure He intended for us to strive to buy five-bedroom houses with six bathrooms when there will be only four people to sleep in the five bedrooms and whiz in the six bathrooms.

One thing we all can be sure of, though, God did bring us here to bring new lives in this world, and to take good care of the new lives.  Yes, Chris, you have to eat, and in order to do so, you have to get educated so that the Man will give you a bit more to live on.  But God has given you a gift, and millions of people less prepared than you have succeeded in raising their children.  You and Ben will do well. 

My own children test me to the limits of my own meager stores of patience.  There are many people who are far better parents than I am.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything, and in the end, things will be ok.

Now, strap yourselves in, for I am about to say some nice things about one member of the 2010 Cubs.

Obviously, Carlos Marmol was screwed out of an All-Star nod.

I guess we can take solace in the fact that the only time being an All-Star really matters, besides arbitration time, of course, is right now.  Five seconds after the ASG actually ends, we are all going to stop caring, and we will turn our attention to whether or not Piniella lasts the year, and who we stand to get back in return for Lilly, Fukudome, and Theriot.

To recap, though, the pitchers chosen are: Broxton, Carpenter, Capps, Gallardo, Halladay, Hudson, Jimenez. Josh Johnson, Lincecum, Evan Meek, Arthur Rhodes, Wainright, and Brian Wilson.  The only relievers are Broxton, Capps, Meek, Rhodes, and Wilson.  Broxton, Meek, and Rhodes all have microscopic ERAs, although Meek and Rhodes do not pitch ninth innings.  Meek represents the Pirates, though.  Rhodes has never been and never should be confused with a 'star'.  But, I suppose, he is 40 years old, a lifetime LOOGY, and anyone who's the least bit sentimental shrugs and grudgingly backs away from arguing against him, although Marmol is WAY better than he is.  Capps has a high ERA, but he is the only Nats representative. 
Brian Wilson has more saves than Marmol, but is inferior in all other aspects.  Of course, saves are a function of your team giving you enough leads.  The Giants are a better team than the Cubs right now, thus Wilson has had more save opportunities.  Marmol is better than Wilson.  Wilson, for his part, has had a better year than his fellow Giant all-star pitcher, Lincecum.  Of course, Lincecum is a Star and an automatic pick at this point. 

So now I am in the evil position of hoping one of the above guys (hopefully Carpenter) gets hurt, and has to be replaced by Marmol.  Muahahahaha!!

Gallardo has already been

Gallardo has already been DLed with an injury to his oblique muscle. Could be Marmol's ticket to Anaheim.

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