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Nicknames - we're still working on them

I don't want to let this slip away - thank you for all of you who so far have put in your $0.02 on the subject of "standardizing" nicknames for Your 2009 Cubs.  Not that your lists of "what we call them at home" aren't entertaining, but if you can provide proof, via a link, that demonstrates someone in the "inner circle" of the Cubs (players, coaches, Hendry, Len&Bob, Pat but NOT Ron) using a player's nickname in public for all to hear, it will go a long way towards cementing the entry for that particular individual.

So far we have the following pretty much wrapped up:

  • Piniella - Sweet Lou
  • Zambrano - Big Z
  • Johnson - White Slice
  • Samardzija - Shark
  • Fontenot - Font
  • Theriot - The Riot
  • Lee - DLee
  • Hoffpauir - The Hoff

We have also declared Fukudome to be a wild card - like the AM/PM market, there's just Too Much Good Stuff in there.

Submission of the day (so far): from "dberryhill"

  • Milton Bradley - Don't wake daddy

Worst submission (so far): no surprise, from "Kurtis Evans"

  • Ryan Theriot - Quiet Theriot

Quiet Theriot
Anyway, what I want to do with this is compile this, firm it up, then pass it around to the Desipios and BCBs and ACBs of the world, and have them post it up and more importantly, abide by it.  So if we all decide Kevin Gregg's nickname is "Slingblade" (and I know, this was Remlinger's, but let's just suppose for the moment) and then when Bad Kermit refers to "Slingblade", then we'll all automatically know who he's referring to. 

So, get busy, get creative, and get researching.  I'm going to go out to DeRo's old blog to see what I can find there, and I'll report back later. 

I really like Fonte-Yes

I really like Fonte-Yes


The Fonte-Yes definitely has its place, but I don't see it as a nickname. I just don't see a player or fan saying, 'nice stab on that line drive Fonte-Yes'.

I think Fonte-Yes is better for use in a comment, closing out an inning with a DP, hitting a big HR, etc. i.e. "Theriot...to Lee...to Fonte-YES!" or "Fontenot...more like Fonte-YES after that home run!" (just need to be careful that announcers don't say 'yes' in unison, or they risk sounding like a pair of rednecks from a 10-player league.


Basically what you are saying is I need to start stalking Len Kasper until he starts calling Koyie Hill "buzzsaw?" I'll work on the whole "don't wake daddy" thing, but I feel like getting an announcer involved in a Milton Bradley fiasco is just not a good idea.

Well, i guess it beats my stalking him for no reason. Gives me a bit of purpose.


That reminds me ... how do you make a dog sound like a cat? Freeze it and run it through a buzzsaw. It will say meeeeooooow.


I like AlSo for Soriano. That's spelled A-L-S-O.

I've always called

I've always called Samardzija "The Kid" and Reed Johnson "Goatee Power". Also heard Dempster called "Dempster Slut" >_>


How bout the Dempster Diver or some variation?

Dempster=Clownsevelt He ='s


He ='s Clownsevelt because Lilly's middle name is Roosevelt. So it's Theodore Roosevelt Lilly and Ryan Clownsevelt Dempster.

Though I'm not too excited

about him being on the team, how about "Old Style" for Heilman? I know he's missing the extra "e", but its close enough. And if he sucks, it can always be changed to "Old Pile" as in Old Pile of S**t.

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