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Long day, no content

I've had one of the busiest work days in recent memory, which consisted of me working through my lunch and not taking any breaks during the day - oh, and I stayed half an hour later than I was supposed to, too.  Consequently, no GROTA updates.  But cheer up, good news, I'm here now!

Since I'm mentally exhausted, it'll just be some quick links with brief commentary.  Later tonight I'll write the Mike Stanton Player Preview, since Rob apparently forgot.

First, to the shock of every overthinker who owns Cubs swag, Carlos Marmol insists that the WBC blown save won't have an effect on him.  I'm actually amazed that this possibility has gained any amount of traction, and I'd rather think that it's a case of the media creating a story rather than reporting on one.  Should Yankees fans have worried about Mariano Rivera after he blew the World Series in 2001?  I think not.

Carlos Zambrano showed his marbles in a recent game against Team Japan.  He faced Kosuke Fukudome twice, and having told him what pitches he'd be throwing was still able to get him out both times.  Unfortunately the Cubs lost the game 3-2, so they will not be advancing to the next round of the WBC. 

Speaking of Fukudome, the Sun-Times has an article about how, scarred from the failure to perform last year, Kosuke left America for a Japanese monastery this past winter.  He apparently spent the cold months meditating over his losses while perfecting the physical discipline necessary to kill his father's murderer and to become ... the Kung Fu baseball master.  Or something like that.  I didn't actually read the article.  The Sun-Times sucks.

Ownership troubles look to prevent the Cubs from acquiring Peavy any time soon.  Not only are the Cubs likely to have a new owner in the Ricketts clan within the next month or so, but the Padres are also in the process of selling the team.  Only it turns out that the next theoretical owner might be short on factual cash.  But chin up, Cub fans.  On top of already rooting for the best team in the NL, a lot of things can happen between now and August 1st.  Even if the Padres ownership issues aren't resolved, there'll be plenty of teams fallen from competition whose top stars might look good in a Cubs uniform.

In an entirely un-Prior like experience, Prior-like Cubs ace Rich Harden threw in a game for the first time this Spring.  There was no towel in sight and his fastball topped out at 92 MPH. 

Goat Friend Bruce Miles breaks my heart by writing a fear-mongering article about the Cardinals.  Miles also reports that if Guatemala and Belize go communist, then Mexico will be the next domino to fall and we must sacrifice all of our freedoms because if we don't then Bin Laden's terrorist network will get us.  How could you, Bruce?

Up later tonight: Mike Stanton's someday-soon pointless Player Preview!

Update: Screw it.  We'll do a Player Preview Double Shot tomorrow.  I'm going to bed.

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