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Bradley ponders retirement

Milton Bradley, who was sent home for the season last week, is seriously contemplating retirement from baseball according to a possibly made-up source out of Chicago.

Bradley has been plagued with problems, from injury to attitude, for a number of seasons with his conflictual nature coming to a head this year with the Cubs.  While he would be passing up on $20 million guaranteed were he to quit baseball, Bradley says that he is wealthy enough to live comfortably.

"I can support my family," Bradley said.  "I've got money.  I'm a smart man, and I understand how to run a business."

To prove his point, Bradley unveiled a product demo for his future career outside of sports -- growing a variety of nuts. 

"My family is descendant of peanut farmers," Bradley said.  "So we're going to take my very marketable name and turn it into a brand that will compete with Planter's." 

Bradley will begin his nut business as soon as he retires, whether it is this winter or several years from now.

Milton's Nuts

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