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Garza plus two minor leaguers to Cubs for Archer, Lee, Guyer, Chirinos, Fuld

Update: Wow, deal is done. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

From a few minutes ago: After years of being told there were deals in hand for Brian Roberts and Jake Peavy, it's hard to believe a trade rumor will actually come to fruition until the Cubs issue an official press release. But now Bruce Miles is saying this Matt Garza deal is closer to reality than ever before.

Miles doesn't say what else the Cubs might get back from the Rays (presumably nothing?), but apparently Jim Hendry is ready to give up Chris Archer, Hak-Ju Lee, Brandon Guyer, and Robinson Chirinos to get Garza.

At first glance, it seems like a lot to give up for a 27-year-old pitcher due for a significant raise in salary. But if you did want to justify the deal were it to go through, you could say things like:

- Archer and Lee both look like five-star guys, but Archer is 22 and Lee is 20. Each has a long way to go before making it to the bigs (Lee much more so, but even in Archer's case, Double A is Double A.)

- Brandon Guyer mashed at Double A last year, but he struggled in 205 at-bats at that level the year prior. It also doesn't look like he's going to stick in center field; after playing essentially all of his games at center in 2009, he was used there in only 15 out of 102 games in 2010, and appeared at the corners more often.

- Not only do the Cubs already have a young catcher at the major league level (i <3 u soto), Chirinos is 2nd on the Cubs' depth chart among minor league catchers, with Wellington Castillo ahead of him. Actually, the Cubs are pretty strong at catcher at every level of their system, as far as I understand it.

We'll see if a deal actually goes down; I'm sort of inclined to believe it won't. But feel free to pontificate on what Miles is saying might happen in the meantime. HOT STOVE BABY!


FIRE JIM HENDRY. This team needs to rebuild, not empty the farm system for a not so cheap starting pitcher with only 3 years left under team control. I hate hate hate Cruller Jim.

I like it

I like the move. 27 is still plenty young for a starting pitcher and he's proved to be solid over recent years.

Ummmm. I cannot say that I

Ummmm. I cannot say that I hate the move. Garza is young and should just be hitting prime. This move could also be looking at 2012 when we clear payroll. There will be a thinner starting pitcher market so acquiring Garza now could be setting us up for the future not just winning now. It looks like a lot to give up but we are all biased on our Cubs prospects. None of these guys were garnering a ton of respect. B+ guys at best.

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