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Macha to manage Milwaukee

ESPN reported yesterday that the Brewers' search for their new manager has ended, and Bob Brenly was not selected.  So much for all our speculation about who would replace him in the booth.

Although, to be fair, I would be a little surprised if there were no other new managers brought onto the scene this off season.  While I haven't heard of any teams actively searching for a new skipper, Brenly might yet still find himself in a dugout next year, rather than in the broadcast booth.

And even then - if Brenly isn't signed to manage a team this winter, then it's probably only a matter of time before he is.  Sooner or later, and probably sooner, the Cubs will have a new broadcast team in their booth.

Kurt, I don't see Brenly

Kurt, I don't see Brenly managing again unless he's willing to take over a team like the Royals or Nationals. This is only an opinion of course, but I think if you look at the number of teams who have passed on him since he was fired in Arizona, that number is just getting larger and larger. He couldn't even get an interview with the team he grew up rooting for while Dusty Baker did and ended up getting the job. If Brenly is willing to take over a team that seems to be in a constant state of rebuilding, then I could see him managing again, but it seems to me that too many contenders have passed on him over the last few years. I think there's very good reason for that too. I hope I am wrong, but I'm afraid I am not.

Kurt, are there a lot of

Kurt, are there a lot of teams out there that will be looking for new managers? I haven't heard of anything on that front, but presumably more teams will come to the fore after organizational meetings.

Also, Brenly hasn't had an agent for over a year, so you'd think teams would have to proactively contact him to get in a race for a managing job.

At some point,

Does BB get a position with in the organization? Scouting bases anything, he could have some good input, and has been involved in a WS... I don't know maybe can help come playoffs?

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