Love mature women


There is something about a mature woman. They already know what they want from life, they aren’t just figuring themselves out bouncing between hobbies, places and jobs. I am attracted by the extra years they spent working on themselves, all the books they had time to read and the thing they have seen. When a mature woman does something, it is for the right reasons. Woman my age are too immature, materialistic or superficial for me. I need a partner who is my equal or better and I find an older lady often has these qualities.

We date in our social circles. I knew I wanted someone older but where could I look? The problem was, I did not know how to find older woman, and it is a whole different ball game. My Friday night pub crawl turned out the same mid-twenties, who hang off the bar looking bored until another good looking no-hoper buys them a drink. My friends introduced me to their friends, but I wasn’t interested. As a professional athlete I have never had trouble in this department before I just wasn’t making the right connection. On occasion I would approach older woman only to have them laugh in my face. I needed to find the mature woman who were open to the idea of dating a younger man.

A friend suggested I try online dating. See a good overview at I had confessed my love of older woman, and he said that I should give it a go. It sounds vain, but I am a good looking man and an athlete. I have never struggled with woman and thought online dating was a tool for people who could not have a conversation in the real world. I was wrong, in a big way. The online side of the communication was just a brief precursor for meeting real people. I had been struggling to meet mature woman because I did not know how that side street of dating lane worked.

Online dating stepped in to fill the void. It was the unknown bar where thousands of approachable mature woman sat around waiting for younger men to hit on them. It was a catalogue of potential lovers and they were all there for the same reason I was. It turned down the awkward and made it easier to overcome the age difference. The very act of my approaching them via message, said it all. There was no fear of rejection; I was behind a screen on the other side of a city of millions. I had a degree of anonymity to play with and it makes all the difference. Dating is a numbers game, online dating tilts the odds in your favour. I could talk to multiple woman at the same time, decide who I had the most chemistry with and pursue her. It felt like choosing instead of settling. Woman approach you online. Our society has decided that men should do the approaching, but online it is different. There are no rules, no etiquette to get hung up on. Just open honest communication.