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Cubs.com journalist Carrie Muskat wrote yesterday that all of our hopes for a superior lineup might be dashed early. 

Muskat quotes Lou Piniella in saying that Alfonso Soriano won't be moving down in the lineup and, in fact, that Lou is leaning toward the following:

1. Soriano
 2. Aaron Miles
 3. Derrek Lee
 4. Milton Bradley
 5. Aramis Ramirez
 6. Kosuke Fukudome
 7. Geovany Soto
 8. Ryan Theriot

I'm not feeling it and if Piniella in fact uses this lineup more than 20 times in 2009, I'll probably have to get in line to register a Fire Lou Piniella website.  But I'm still running on faith that Piniella will give the positional battles to the most deserving players, meaning that Miles won't play in front of Fontenot too often, and also that he'll wise up and drop Lee in the order. 

Then again, this came from a story written by Carrie Muskat.  How accurate could it possibly be?

I gouged my eyes out

Dear Lord that is a horrible lineup. In fact, it looks like something 2K Sports would make up after auto-fixing some injury for you in Boise or Daytona in MLB Front Office Manager.

It's really not the *worst*

It's really not the *worst* lineup in the world with perhaps 2 exceptions ...

if Lou replaced Miles with Font and switched Aramis with Lee, I'd be ok with it.

1. Soriano
2. Fontenot
3. Ramirez
4. Bradley
5. Lee
6. Fukudome
7. Soto
8. Theriot

R-L-R-S-R-L-R-R - very balanced.


I like how this looks, Kurt. Fine work, mister.


I must agree. This lineup looks awful. Why is ARam batting 5th and Geo Soto 7th? Does sweet Lou love the whole righty/lefty system that much? Why is Miles there instead of Fontenot?

I'm fine with Soriano at the top. I'd rather have someone else, but who? Theriot? I don't think so. I'll chime in:


I truly think Fuko will do more this year and hopefully more consistent.

Yeah, the only thing about

Yeah, the only thing about that article I really care about is Miles over Fontenot. If Mike doesn't win the job out of spring, I am going to be pissed.

Won't Oswalt start opening day?

So start the lefty, Fontenot

Miles switch hits.

Miles switch hits.

He has a modest career platoon split.

He hits better against LHP, by about .010 points of OPS. Still sucks like a Hoover from either side of the plate.

ready for 09

Hey everyone here's a video dedicated to the cubbies. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The general rule is that if

The general rule is that if you want us to have a link to your original content, it's polite to ask. Not asking and posting anyway = spam.

I don't like the idea of

I don't like the idea of Aaron Miles being the everyday 2B, but its pretty easy to see how Lou does. He's a versatile veteran player and a switch-hitter. He's gritty, and he's a carbon-copy of the guy that is the team's current starting SS. Theriot and Miles are both guys that are going to put the bat on the ball, work counts, and be good situational hitters. Its a close competition no doubt, and whoever has a stronger showing in spring training will likely win the battle for the position. I could see Miles possibly starting 2B everyday to start the season, but I don't think he would hold the position the entire season or hit 2nd in the batting order either.

If Dusty Baker were still

If Dusty Baker were still here, Miles would without question be the starter. Furthermore, Bako would be starting behind the plate, and Harden would throw 120+ pitches per start.

Piniella has excelled in Chicago because he has given the at-bats to the best players at each position. Let's hope Fontenot shows up this spring and convinces Lou to give him the job from the start.

Musical lineup

We could argue this till the cows come home! I am willing to bet that Lou juggles the lineup all year long. There is alot of versatility on this club. I couldn't begin to guess what this lineup might look like come opening day. Whatever it is, it should be one of the best in baseball.

Lou's Lineup

As a switch hitter, Miles offers more off the bench. The opposing pitcher would have to face a tougher matchup regardless of whether they bring in a lefty or a righty. And Fontenot is a better hitter with more power, and probably better defensively too. He's also a gamer, and I would like to see the Cajun Connection at the top of the lineup. It could be the best thing since the Daily Double, and the duo certainly has experience teaming together up the middle.

Another reason for moving Soriano down in the lineup, besides utilizing his power for more RBI's and getting someone with a better OBP and more plate discipline in the leadoff spot, is that by clustering the big bats in the middle, Lou wouldn't have to juggle the lineup around when Bradley isn't playing (and that's likely to be more frequent than we all hope) or when Ramirez, Lee, or Soriano are given a day off. They would still have three of the four, along with Soto, in the heart of the lineup. If Soriano bats leadoff, they would be left with only two of Ramirez, Lee, and Bradley in the RBI spots whenever one of those three has a day off. I'd like to see Soriano sandwiched between the best two hitters, who also happen to be two of the most patient hitters.

My lineup:


When Lee is given a day off, Hoffpauir slides into his slot. When Ramirez is given a day off, Lee and Soto each move up a notch and the replacement third baseman bats in front of Fukudome. When Soriano sits, Ramirez and Lee both move up with Hoffpauir behind Lee. And when Bradley is out of the lineup, Soriano, Ramirez, and Lee would bat 3-4-5, with Hoffpauir and Soto 6-7. . So everyone would pretty much stay right in line as far as who bats behind them. And Soriano is going to see more fastballs hitting in front of Ramirez and Lee than he would at leadoff in front of Theriot or Miles or Fontenot.

BTW...how nice it was for Soriano to agree to move down in the lineup, but to stipulate that he be left wherever Lou decides to put him instead of being moved around. Is Sammy junior running the show now? Lou has to step up and tell him who's in charge, and hopefully Lou is only trying to light a fire under Fontenot by letting him think that Miles may grab the starting second baseman gig.

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