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It's the annual "they're losing a lot of Spring training games" post

I wonder if anybody has ever gone back and worked to actually correlate Spring Training results with how the regular baseball season pans out?  I know that there have been some years of epic fail on the Cubs part that turned into good seasons of baseball ('89 rings a bell). 

Regardless, I'm sure most of us felt pretty good when the Cubs started the Spring undefeated.  Since then, they've tanked a lot.  Paul Sullivan reports that the Cubs have lost six straight and eight of their last nine, and, the sparkplug he is, Lou Piniella is not a happy old man.  In fact, you could probably call him grumpy.

I'm not worried about it.  Spring Training has to be taken with a grain of salt.  A lot of the players getting their butts kicked are players who won't be around in April anyway.  A lot of the pitchers who will be around and are getting their butts kicked aren't unleashing their best stuff right now.  And a lot of the hitters who aren't hitting to save their lives are pretty likely to crank it up before the end of the month.

Anyway, at this moment the Cubs are 5-7 in the Cactus League.  I'm pretty confident that they won't be 2 games under .500 by the time they travel to New York City, but however they do the only important thing is that they're healthy and ready.  But sometime tomorrow I'll be taking a closer look at how players On the Bubble are doing in order to help paint a clearer picture of what the team may look like on opening day.

Mark Teahan

Cubs need backup for 3B and RF. Cubs are overstocked with relievers that can only get RH batters out. How about trading Vizcaino ($3.5M plus $.5M buyout for 2010) for Mark Teahan ($3.575 for 2009)? Salaries are nearly a wash and the Cubs could throw in a fringe prospect and/or bit of cash to get a deal done. Then sign Joe Beimel before the last lefty specialist is off the FA market, and both the bullpen and bench look better. Marmol and Gregg as closer and setup. Heilman and Beimel as RH and LH specialists for 7th inning. Gaudin and Cotts, and whoever distinguishes himself from the rest of the bullpen candidates to round out the pen.

Teahen is considerably

Teahen is considerably younger than Vizcaino, he's extremely versatile, and he's very inexpensive. I'm not sure I follow the logic of the Royals wanting to trade him, and if they do it'll probably be for more than an aging middle reliever and a fringe prospect.


There certainly is an age difference, but there were also rumors over the winter about the Royals trading Teahan. And if you look him up on ESPN, his player page has comments about him projecting to be serving in a utility role if he makes the team. His stats have been on the decline in each year of the last two seasons and his OPS last year was a mere .715 after dipping to .763 in 2007, so this isn't a superstar we are talking about. I don't know how much interest KC would have in Vizcaino, but he is pretty tough on RH hitters so he would serve a purpose for a team seeking a RH specialist. It's just that the Cubs already have enough RP's fitting that description. Like I said, their salaries are basically a wash, so it would really be a case of KC needing a RH specialist and being willing to deal Teahan to fill that need and possibly save a bit of cash and acquire another prospect at the same time. It's not like Vizcaino is pushing 40, he's only 34. If I were Hendry, I'd be willing to throw in half a million to even the salaries and throw in a decent but not top tier prospect to rid myself of one of my overabundance of RH specialists and fill a backup need at two or three positions. That being said, it could still happen that Corey Koskie fills the 3B backup role.

broken record

I still say wait until July to make move(s). I won't repeat the reasons....

Sounds right to me.

Sounds right to me.

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