Goatriders of the Apocalypse

This is going to be one long strange paragraph

So the new Shout Box is causing GROTA to get blocked by the Fun Filter at my work, so I scraped up enough to buy this cheap computer for home, so I can still come out and play.  But when I get out here, now the editor won't let me put in a paragraph break, so today's and all subsequent posts from me will be confined in this annoying format which is even more annoying that my usual writing, which already bugs the shit out of all the statheads who followed Colin over here.  So I just wanted to say that tomorrow I am going to the land of beer-n-cheeze to see if Zambrano can rediscover his Miller Park No-Hit Magic.  So far this year I have secured tickets to see the Boys in Blue at four stadii, including both in Chicago, and on Labor Day, in Pissburgh.  I'm really excited about that one.  Anyway, so far so good for us this year.  I'm not worried about us losing a game in Houston, nor am I worried about Ted Bundy giving up homers in large Ray Burris-sized bunches.  For Mr. Lilly has always given up a lot of donggs, and both he and the Cubs have earned what they call "earned autonomy" at work.  In other words, he's won like 34 games for us, and the team has won 2 division titles in a row.  Take this from the guy who would and will be the first one to crawl up they ass when things aren't going well - they've earned some Regular Season Slack, so I for one am going to give it to them.  There.  That's it for today, look for me in the stands tomorrow.  I'm the one ending fights with cheezheads.  Roooollllll Out the Barrelllllll!

I had the same problem with

I had the same problem with the paragraph breaks. Try pressing enter and holding shift at the same time. That worked for me.

a modest proposal

you could also experiment with simply creating a new post for every paragraph you have to break it up that way.

It will be an interesting experiment of which way of playing ring-around-technology is the most disturbing to the eye.

Colin could even conduct a survey and tell you which method appeals to which readers, this way everyone gets something to do.


Shift-enter is the way to go. It seems that our editor isn't the friendliest with firefox, as jurt said. And as a mac user, there's no IE option.


I just started typing my posts in Word, then I use the copy/paste, but I guess I can give shift+enter a try instead.

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