Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Hey everybody, let's all hate Kevin Gregg!

Seriously, Cub fan nation? You're going to be that fickle? You're going to hate Kevin Gregg because of back-to-back blown saves? Really?

I guess somebody needs to point out the following to you:

14.0 IP in July, with 8 saves (and 0 blown) and an ERA of 1.93.

13.0 IP in June, with 5 saves (2 blown) and an ERA of 2.77.

11.2 IP in May, with 7 saves (0 blown) and an ERA of 3.86.

That's 38.2 IP, 20 saves, 2 blown, and an ERA of 2.79 since May 1st, before his last two outings. So, just out of curiosity, which is the real Kevin Gregg -- the one who saved 91% of his games or the one who got roughed up on 38 pitches, only to be called out again the very next night to get roughed up some more?

I get it -- whether you ever thought it possible or not, this is an exciting season, the Cubs are competitive, and we have become invested again in how they play. Granted, back before July nobody would've thought it possible that they might be in first place right now. Granted, the people who pronounced the Cubs dead on the scene back then are the same people who now want to burn Gregg in effigy. Therefore I might suggest that it's a bit of a mistake to follow that crowd because those will be the same people in a fervor of panic if a playoff spot's not locked up by the last week of September, and they'll be jumping off cliffs if a playoff Cubs team is trailing by a run after six innings in the first game of the NLDS. This reactionary mentality is not what we need.

I'll concede that Gregg's not the best closer in baseball. But guess what? The Cubs can't have the best at every position and who they have will do the job often enough to warrant his use in that role. And if you want to bail on a guy with a 2.79 ERA from May 1st through July 31st, with 20 saves in 22 tries, who happened to get hammered on back-to-back nights, then you are probably not equipt for the volatile, unpredictable nature of baseball. After all, no player who exists will be able to meet your unrealistic standards and your obnoxious expectations. Worse still, this attitude is embarrassing if not humiliating as it proves right those who'd criticize Cub fans as being far too hard on their team.

In other words, the next time somebody wearing a St. Louis hat tells me that Cub fans are douchebags, remembering how many grew to hate the best closer this team has had since Beck because of back-to-back games, how will I be able to refute it? I suppose I'll be able to counter by saying "no, we only do douchebag things, such as when we turned on Gregg for failing to will his arm into pitchable shape when the team needed him the night after a 40-pitch outing." Yep, I'm sure that will shut them up real quick.


You lost me at "Cub nation." This isn't Boston and you're not ESPN.

And yet, I've been using the

And yet, I've been using the term "Cub fan nation" since 2003.

Couldn't agree more Kurt.

Couldn't agree more Kurt. Gregg will never be the best in baseball, but the guy gets it done 9 times out of 10, which gives me confidence. It's the rest of the bullpen that makes me eat Tums like M&M's

gregg is gregg

the cubs, as far as i can remember, have never really had a lights out closer so by our standards he is OK. The reason you get this kind of reaction by "cub nation" was because of how gut wrenching sunday nights game was...fresh off of the night before. It was a very tough loss for me at least since im in the south and i HATE the marlins...but what rational Cubs fan can really turn on Gregg though? We have no better option! He is usually effective so that will have to be good enough. He has a weird delivery, he's the replacement of "the legendary 20 strike out Kerry Wood", and he wears glasses...so people are looking for a reason to jump on him and sunday provides that...it also doesn't help that all over ESPN they continue to remind everyone about it even while showing monday night's victory highlights...

what should worry us Cub fans

what should worry us Cub fans is Marmol. I'm very worried. he seems like he's just throwing as hard as he can with absolutely no idea where its going. it reminds me of those booths at amusement parks where you try to throw a baseball faster than your buddy. Speaking of worried i can't imagine going into the batter's box against him.

Lights-Out Closers

"the cubs, as far as i can remember, have never really had a lights out closer so by our standards he is OK."

I was going to say "I guess you don't remember Bruce Sutter," but I see that except for 1976, Sutter never had a save percentage for the Cubs as high as Gregg's 81%.

In Sutter's defense, he pitched a lot of multi-inning appearances, making blown saves more likely.

Lee Smith was at 94% and 88% his first couple of years as the Cubs' main closer, and then was at 79% for a bunch of years in a row.

Gregg's save percentage is only a little worse than Dennis Eckersley's, whose career percentage was 85%. (K-Rod is at 87%; Hoffman and Rivera are at 89%.)

On that note -- how

On that note -- how incredible is Mariano Rivera? Just saying. Look at the stats, they're unconscionable.

(Yeah, I just said unconscionable.)

I could very well have missed

I could very well have missed something because I only have time to get on here about 10 to 15 minutes a day, but I dont remember anybody actually HATING Kevin Gregg. Many of us let our displeasure with his last couple outings be known which is justifiable. I myself made a comment about the Marlins still sending him a paycheck but no hate. He IS our best option at this time so strap in and enjoy the ride.

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