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Tuesday Morning Odds and Ends, Left-Handed Second Basemen Are The New Market Inefficiency

I want you to imagine it - it's the day before opening day, 2008. I – mystically, I guess, from the future - tell you that, halfway through the season:

  1. Alfonso Soriano is on the DL for a second time, this time with a fracture in the hand.
  2. Carlos Zambrano is on the DL too, with shoulder problems.
  3. Oh, and Daryle Ward is on the DL as well.
  4. Rich Hill comes down with Steve Blass Disease, and is finally shipped to Mesa to try and find himself again as a pitcher.
  5. Ted Lilly tacks on almost a whole run to his ERA.
  6. The Cubs abandon the Pie experiment, and replace him after they pick up Jim Edmonds, released by the Padres for hitting .178.
  7. The Cubs have been horrible on the road, going 16-20.
  8. Meanwhile, the Cardinals come from nowhere and put up a 44-33 record, second-best in the NL.

How would you react?

I’m not trying to harsh anyone’s mellow here or anything. But I just want everyone to reflect on the fact that the Cubs haven’t coasted to get to this point, despite what other fanbases may say. I think this is a stronger team than a lot of people give them credit for.

Carlos Marmol is getting a mechanical tune-up. Please tell me this doesn't involve an oil change.

Meanwhile, Reed Johnson looks primed to join the team’s expanding disabled list when Marshall is officially called up to take Zambrano’s start tomorrow. Johnson claims to be feeling better, although the final decision is up to the team’s medical staff. That would save Murton, Hoffpauir and Patterson from a return to Iowa until at least Friday, when one of them is expected to be sent down to make room for Daryle Ward. I can only hope that the plan is not to carry around two backup first basemen who both hit left handed.

Meanwhile, Patterson seems to be providing the sort of top-of-the-order presence Lou has been searching for. And I’ll just pass this on without comment:

Theriot is hitting .310 with 28 multiple-hit games. But he's also third in the league in ground balls hit and has grounded into nine double plays despite having decent speed. Piniella prefers speed at the top of his lineup, and obviously Patterson trumps Theriot, who leads the team in steals with 13 but has been thrown out eight times.

It’s probably a bit early to coronate Patterson, and it’s hard to see him displacing Mark DeRosa from second base, his natural position. Phil Rodgers sees him as trade bait. And speaking of trade bait:

Micah Hoffpauir's left-handed bat is a valuable asset with Daryle Ward out, but, like Ward, the rookie is not good enough defensively to play left or right field on a regular basis. Hoffpauir looked tentative on a few balls that landed in front of him on the artificial turf at Tropicana Field, and he didn't start over the weekend against the Sox.

… Since Derrek Lee is set at first, Hoffpauir's main value may be as trade bait to an American League team looking for a first baseman/DH. If the Cubs make a move for Oakland's Rich Harden, Hoffpauir might be included in the package.

I consider that… unlikely.

Speaking of trades, more news is coming out about the Brian Roberts Hostage Crisis. Purportedly Hendry offered Veal, Cedeno and Gallagher. Thankfully nothing came of it – can you figure where the Cubs would be right now without Gallagher?

Sometimes you can just see

Sometimes you can just see the talent. Eric Patterson has talent, Ryan Theriot is a "Grinder". I think though they are showcasing EPATT and Shawn Marshall for a potential trade. Do well Shawn please.
By the way did anybody catch Joe Morgans comments on Sunday. He said the players used to call the homerun baskets, Banks Avenue after Ernie Banks, am I wrong or where the baskets put in after Ernie retired. Another comment was when he was talking about Billy Williams he said that Billy along with Ernie Banks have their numbers retired on the foul polls. Um what about Ron Santo and Joe's favorite secondbasemen of all-time Ryne Sandberg. Or dont they exist in his jeolous racist mind.


Joe Morgan Is A F****** A******
thats all you have to remember about anything he says.


I was under the impression that they've reached the limit on how many times they can send Murton down unless he gets injured or something.
They have to keep him or trade him now.

Option *YEARS*

A player has a restricted number of option years (I don't remember how many exactly). Any year that a player is promoted / demoted between the minors and majors, it counts as an option year. The number of times that a player can be shuttled back and forth in a single year is not restricted, except to say that they can only be called back up 10 days after being sent down ... I think.

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Here's a link to the article that discusses the Brian Roberts trade. Colin's link is to a story about Freddie Bynum getting DFA'd.

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