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What does this say about Derrek Lee?

Reports are that Lee is exercising all of his no-trade rights, and refuses to be traded to a contender.  Texas is one specific place that wants him, that will not get him.

thanks AL!Remember 2001, when seemingly all we needed to get over the hump was a power-hitting first baseman, and we completed a trade for Fred McGriff, who was hitting a lot of empty homers down in Tampa Bay when they were truly miserable?  Except he had a no-trade clause, and he wasn't coming.  That was his home, he had gone there to 'semi-retire', make some coin and play around a little, and he wanted NOTHING to do with a pennant race.

Finally, after over 20 days of wrangling, McGriff finally did come here, whereupon he went through the motions for the last month of 2001 and the entire 2002 season.  He did hit 30 homers in 2002, but really did little else to contribute.  He did not lead, he did not go full out, and he was shown the door the next year.

At the time, the denizens of The Uncouth Sloth and the Cubs Coven Yahoo! group (big shout to Brett Kuntz aka whatever moniker he was using at the time, probably something like Joe Pepitone's Towel) had invented a nifty little catch-all slogan that we used, constantly, in a short-hand attempt to explain away the 2001 late-season fizzle and the 2002 abortion that led to the end of the Smooth Baylor Era:

McStiff Eats Ass

Obviously, the man did not want to come here; did not want to play under pressure; did not want to stick his neck out. Why Andy MacPhail continued to pursue this guy after his initial refusal is beyond me?  Eric Karros came in 2003 as part of the Turd Hundley bailout, and with half the talent but three times the guts, helped carry the Cubs to the closest they have come since the War to a World Series.

Now, Fred McGriff was a talented man, a good man, a calm, rational man.  He was looked up to by his peers.  He was a family man, and a role model to not only MLB fans, but the young guys coming up through the ranks.  Sounds a lot like Mr. Derrek Lee, and not just because they are both tall Black first basemen.

They are decent men who should be idolized for their decency and professionalism.  But please do not EVER confuse that for LEADERSHIP!!  Lee is frequently cited as the Leader of the Cubs.  Oh, really?  Do you see Derrek Lee holding someone accountable for their actions on or off the field?  Do you really see him get into Theriot's face for getting picked off base for the umpteenth time, or jumping down Baker's neck for not laying down a crucial bunt, or anything like that?

Nah, just like McStiff, Lee wants to come in, put in his time, and go home.  He could care less about competing, about winning.

Ergo, if McStiff ate ass, then Lee Eats Ass.

I completely disagree

I completely disagree

No trade clause

I have no problem with Derrek Lee using his no trade clause. My issue is with Jim Hendry giving it to him.

Hendry is irrelevant here

Lee has 10/5 rights, so he has veto power on any trade with or without the no-trade-clause. The no-trade-clause in his contract hasn't been relevant since the 2008 season.


Is this a joke?

"Oh, really? Do you see Derrek Lee holding someone accountable for their actions on or off the field? Do you really see him get into Theriot's face for getting picked off base for the umpteenth time, or jumping down Baker's neck for not laying down a crucial bunt, or anything like that?"

Maybe you forgot that he was the one who confronted Z in the dugout a month ago. Not to mention that for about 7 years now pretty much every player and coach has said Lee is the team leader. Wow it's truly amazing how retards like Rob can turn on a player for one simple action.

Out of Line

Gracie, I disagree with Rob as much as you do.

That being said, calling someone a "retard" is COMPLETELY out of line, and there is absolutely no room for it. I don't want to speak for those who run this site (Kurt, Rob, etc...) but if you insist on calling people "retards", I would suggest leaving. We need to respect each other more than that.

I hope you notice how you

I hope you notice how you made a valid point, regarding Lee's confrontation with Zambrano, but the only focus of any response is the name calling.

Name calling in general is a no-no on GROTA. Ideas can be good or bad -- and Rob's view can be totally wrong in your eyes -- but that does not make him a "retard" nor does it give you the right to call him one.

So, please show some respect, even if we outrage you.

(or, if you're going to name call, make it something ridiculous that people have to google to learn the meaning of...) :oP

What does this say about DP Lee

For a good percentage of last year and all of this year, I have thought that DP Lee has done nothing but go thru the motions. EXACTLY like Crime Dog did. He shows no heart and no hustle day in and day out. Can he field his position? Sure he can and in his sleep too. When was the last time he busted his ass down to first base? I can't think of ONE! He jumped on BigZ because Big Z gives a damn about winning and called his non hustling non caring butt on the carpet! GOOD for BigZ! It's too bad that more of the Cubs don't have the same "wanna win" attitude! I think Brenly got it exactly right..... This has been one dead ass team most of the year!

Heart and Hustle

It's interesting that you mention Derrek Lee's lack of heart and hustle...I guess I'm not seeing what you're seeing. I've always seen him as a guy who puts forth a good effort every time he steps on the field.

Oh, and this is too good to pass up...last season, in which you say Derrek Lee was "going thru the motions"....he was presented with an award by the Major League Baseball Alumni Association. Each team selects it's own recipient based on "an active player who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit and traditions of the game".

The name of the award? Oh, it's the Heart and Hustle Award.


Once again Rob nails it.

Once again Rob nails it. Please someone tell me one instance this year DP Lee wins a game. A walk-off ? Every must have RBI situation seems to end in a nothing.
Rally killer ! RBI monster when we are up 5-1. Show me when you hit it . Now you won't leave like a fungus.

Name calling

The example of the Zambrano/Lee incident doesn't really signify any leadership capabilities of Lee. He probably felt insulted by the fact that Zambrano thought Lee should play harder and attempt a diving catch. The way Zambrano called him out made Lee upset. My understanding is Zambrano said something to the fact that if Lee didn't want to play hard then he (Zambrano) wouldn't play hard either. Lee was insulted/offended and reacted. It was personal and had nothing to do with his imaginary leadership role. I would question anyone's judgment who stated that they feel Lee is the leader of the Cubs. The leader of the Cubs was Lou and now since his retirement announcement that has been compromised. In fact, you could argue the Cubs are without any leadership. Lee is no leader but he used the options and rules available to him. He really isn't playing well and a change of scenery might have helped him. He certainly isn't playing like other players facing the prospects of free agency. His decision may cost him a lot of money and prestige. Choosing to stay and flounder on a wayward ship isn't a good career move.


I guess all the players and coaches who have been around DLee for 7 years and publicly call him a leader in the clubhouse are just full of it huh? i'll listen to the opinions of those people who actually know the man and how he acts behind closed doors. Not a bunch of cubs fans who are obviously turning on a great player because he couldnt take the team to a world series and it hurt your feelings a little bit.

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