Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Kerry Wood? Hurt? Unpossible!

From the Trib:

Wood pitched one inning Tuesday against Houston, and had his charity bowling tournament Wednesday. But he wasn't in the bullpen during Friday's 11-inning affair, leading to the question of whether he was available to pitch.

"No, he wasn't available," Piniella said.

Is Wood OK?

"He wasn't available," Piniella repeated. "He was OK, but he wasn't available."

After stonewalling the question and turning to another subject, Piniella eventually went back to Wood's situation.

"Woody's back was bothering him," he said reluctantly.

So the blister problem was fine?

"Yeah, it was his back," Piniella said.

Can Wood pitch Saturday?

"We'll see when we come to the ballpark," he said.




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