Goatriders of the Apocalypse

and THIS is why I am so stingy when I serve the Kool Aid

Are oblique muscles related to the abdomen?  Can you run the risk of straining the obliques by being overweight?

Anyway, since I poked my head out here the other day and suggested that perhaps things might be looking up for the first time in months, we found out that Dempster broke his toe and Soto has strained his obliques.  (Also, don't forget David Patton's pulled groin...heh heh...he said 'groin').  No sooner do we get healthy, than guys start dropping again. And the worst thing is...I'm sitting here convinced it's MY fault!

If you don't ever have anything good to say, then everyone thinks you're a kill joy and suggest you hang yourself.  But every time in my whole entire life I have ever said something positive about the Cubs, it always comes back and bites me (and the rest of us) in the ass.  Every single time.

So now you know.  Honest to God, I want us to do well.  I just don't write about it, because it seems like when I do, hell comes for breakfast.

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