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The jersey of the future!

I'm sure the anticipation has just been torturous for everybody, but your wait is over!  Earlier this week I tinkered with designs for what I would imagine to be cool Cubs jerseys and I will be presenting them below.

The first set is inspired heavily by the classic Braves uniform of the 1970's.  Basically it's the modern uniform minus pinstripes and with some blue piping on the sleeves, along with the retro hat on the home squad and the angry bear logo on the sleeves and road hat.  Here it is:

Uni 1

And here's this look with a blue alternate thrown in:

Blue Alternate

That alternate cap has the potential to be either really cool or really ugly looking in person.

Don't get me wrong, I like this look, but I've always had a fondness for the Cubs logo worn by the team briefly in the early 90's.  That logo is currently being worn by the Iowa squad.  It would look very similar, but like this:

Jersey 2

And now let's imagine what this look would be like with the blue alternate thrown in...

Blue Alternate 2

Not too bad, eh?  I think that trio is perhaps my favorite, but because it would not encorporate what has become the Classic Cubs Logo, there's no way the organization would ever run with it.

Now, how about something a little more traditional?

Traditional Look

It's not too different from the current jerseys, except they'd be sleeveless and minus the pinstripes plus those cool, funky retro hats.  Lastly, let's imagine this look with one other retro aspect thrown in...

Retro 2

So, honesty.  Of these looks, which do you like best?  Are any of these designs better than the current look?

If I had the means I'd consider getting one of these jerseys custom-made, but I'm pretty sure that would just make me the lamest Cubs fan in Wrigleyville.  But I would welcome a few modest redesigns to the current look.  The uniform has been basically unchanged since 1990, and if only for sales reasons the team should consider doing something different.

Me, I'll just be surfing Ebay in search of an Expos Dawson jersey, or a 70's Braves jersey.

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I'd say I'm not a huge fan of the angry bear logo on the sleeves. I'd probably use the walking bear logo instead. Other than that, I love the last set of uniforms (the retro ones with blue down the middle).

I'm also a big fan of the white without pin stripes idea, but I don't know if I like it enough to kill off the pinstripes all together. I think I'd like it almost as an alternate home jersey.


I'd say that based on the response (or lack thereof) I've gotten, the series about blogs was actually more popular!

Nobody has love or hate for my proposed redesigns?


Here's a response for you; I don't like them at all. I've had it with the whole "retro" uniforms idea. I can see why people like it to some degree (nostalgia being the main reason, I think)...but I can also easily see why most of those uniforms were ditech to begin with; most of them are heinously ugly. I'm getting a little sick of turning on ESPN or an NBA, NFL, or MLB game and seeing whatever team is competing playing in some God-awful retro uni that never should've been to begin with (the Washington Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, New York Jets are some good examples). I appreciate the nod to the great pasts of some of these franchises...but, there's no need to make us watch them play in these horrible-looking duds in order for us to properly appreciate their history.

To me, as others have said before, the home pinstripes are classic and look great as they are. I really don't see the need to update the basic look. If anything they can change the Cub to make it more "modern" or more "angry" (not sure why so many feel the need for this update either...it's not like changing the logo to angry will vastly improve or change the attitude of the team in general)...but even that looks good as is. I say leave 'em as they are.

Like I said, people who like

Like I said, people who like retro LOVE it. People who don't ... don't.

Just don't be like my friend Steve who hated the idea of the Cubs wearing a white cap because it's not their "classic" look, which ignores that the Cubs wore a white hat for decades before they wore a blue one.

Similarly, the Cubs have only worn pinstripes for the past 51 years. As an organization, they are what, in their 130's?

"Classic" does not mean "been around since my dad was a kid." That's just "old."

I understand that. Perhaps

I understand that. Perhaps I should've said "classy" instead of "classic".

I'll just leave it at this; I just flat-out DON'T like them. They're tacky and awful IMO. Sorry...just my opinion.

Interesting. But would you

Interesting. But would you use polyester or cotton, a fabric which breathes more?

You've gotta go with cotton.

You've gotta go with cotton. It would be a HUGE advantage ... all the Cubs opponents would be stiffled in polyester, but cotton BREATHES. They'd stay cooler on the field! It's brilliant, Jerry! Brilliant!

sorry kurt

Let's start with the good: Ummm... having players wear stirrups is nice (they would be better if they were striped though) -- and i love the 1984 logo sleeve patch.

I'm sorry, but I think your uniforms are hideous. To me, baseball is a game of beauty in it's simplicity. The best uniforms are the traditional (or traditional looking) ones -- Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, etc. Although it seems like today's players have little concern for honoring the past and traditions -- I do. Your uniforms, I'm sad to say, look like they were conceived at drunken frat parties. They may look like they have "style" to some, but when in motion during a game, they will look like red, white, and blue carny workers.

Don't get me wrong, I love the "throwback" uniform. When the Cubs wore one against the braves this year it was BEAUTIFUL.


Those look clean, simple, and beautiful. I would be all in favor of doing this again, and maybe even throw in a game where they wear those blue 1981 road unis.

You DO realize that the

You DO realize that the basis for the last design stems from the uniforms of the 1930's/1940's, right?

yes i DO

But you made it look terrible by adding the blue "coat hanger" piping and two tone hat that screams 1970s. Plus, patch logos often look out of place on hats (o's aside). They are hard to read when in motion, and i love the simplicity of the C, just like the B or the NY or the D, etc.

Coat Hanger is directly from

Coat Hanger is directly from like '37, I think ...

The one previous to that is also directly inspired by the early 40's look. The Cubs were the first team in baseball history to wear a vest.

And what exactly is so bad about the two tone hat? If you don't think that hat design is cool, then I've got nothin' for you, hombre.

not all old uni's are created equally.

Just because it's "retro" or "inspired by" doesn't make it classic or good or beautiful. The coat hanger look is sloppy -- but I don't mind vests (so we might agree on that one). If they took the exact jersey from here:
and cut off the sleeves and made a blue vest with the 84 patch, i would be sold.

Two tone hats - again, stylish maybe, but as a baseball team hat it's corny and in bad taste when in regards to the history of the game. Babe Ruth would never wear something as gaudy and ugly as that.

I've got news for you ... if

I've got news for you ... if players will trot out onto the field wearing shorts, then Babe Ruth would wear a two-tone hat. Pay a guy enough and he'll play wearing a dress. You don't have to look to modern day baseball to find hideous jerseys.

I used to try to convince a friend of mine that the Cubs should adopt a white home cap with a blue bill and he tried to convince me that they shouldn't because the blue is "classic." This ignores the fact that the Cubs - like most baseball teams of the early 20th century - wore white hats at home.

pay enough money...

think about it this way, if i paid you a million dollars you'd probably wear a gigantic gorilla suit with a diaper around for a day -- but that doesn't make it stylish or right. and I also agree that you can look around baseball and see hideous jerseys -- again, that doesn't make it right for the Cubs to wear one either. i don't see your argument here. defending your designs by using the shorts uni probably isn't the best way to go. those are still ridiculed today.

two tone hats are tacky. the different colored bill ones are annoying, but not as bad. i think the cubs should ditch their road ones and just use the solid blue one for everything.

I like the idea of white hats, but with a striped uniform it would look off. plus it would show off dirt and sweat and stuff, so it would probably not be pretty. maybe with a solid white jersey it would work, but not with much else.

For just "a day?" I'd wear

For just "a day?" I'd wear it every day for a year. Or more!

Not really sure how I've tried to defend the retro-70's designs in any way, shape or form*, except to point out that anybody who doesn't like the two-tone hat has no taste whatsoever. And, in your case, you initially ignored that the latter two designs were deeply inspired by 1930's-1940's wear.

(*It's just one of those things ... either you like it or you don't. Those who like it love it, those who don't ... don't.)

Anyway, how exactly are two tone hats tacky? How exactly are they "corny" or "in bad taste" in respect to the tradition of baseball? Can you try to explain it to me without another attempt at reading Babe Ruth's mind?

defensive, aren't we?

When one doesn't have an argument, they attack.

Ok here's the thing. Yes, your look was INSPIRED by the great 1940s look that I like, but the stuff you ADDED looked horrible to me. Make sense?

How are two-tone hats tacky? Have you ever seen anyone over the age of 22 wear one? Is there a single team that wears one -- even in the minors where the logos and caps are more outlandish? Hmmm, not that i can think of.

You want to attack me or my taste fine. You want to have a civilized discussion, well, apparently not.

This is why you get 1/400th of the comments and hits of bleedcubbieblue. You don't see Al when he disagrees with a point attack a commenter. Grow up or get thicker skin and learn to take criticism.

Defensive about what,

Defensive about what, exactly? I haven't tried to defend my most liberal designs a single time ... and YOU are attacking MY tastes! I'm just asking you to explain yours.

>>How are two-tone hats tacky? Have you ever seen anyone over the age of 22 wear one?<<

Just out of curiosity, when's the last time you attended a game?

>>Is there a single team that wears one -- even in the minors where the logos and caps are more outlandish? Hmmm, not that i can think of.<<

Actually the Smokies have a two-tone hat, as do the Blue Jays (and those are just the ones off the top of my head). Ignoring that, though, I suppose that using your line of logic every team in baseball today wears GOOD uniforms? You seem to be arguing that because no team is currently using it - aside from the Blue Jays, incidentally - it must be "corny" or "tacky."

I'm not attacking you, I'm asking you to explain to me why a two-tone hat is "corny" or "in bad taste." I'm not calling you names, I'm not insulting your intelligence ... I'm just asking if you can tell me why you feel a way you do. So far the best answer you can give me is "because no other team currently uses it!" (Which, by the by, is not true.)

>>Grow up or get thicker skin and learn to take criticism.<<

Thank you for the reminder that not everybody who comes here actually gets it. I need these every once in a while.

>>This is why you get 1/400th of the comments and hits of bleedcubbieblue. You don't see Al when he disagrees with a point attack a commenter. <<

You're right about that, at least. He just bans them.

oh dear...

the blue jays wear theirs on special occasions (like when the brewers wear their throwbacks on friday night home games) -- you know, every once in a while -- where it belongs. The smokies do not wear one - i just checked.

as far as al banning people, well, something tells me he doesn't just ban someone who he disagrees with -- they probably have committed some sort of offense -- but that's not the point.

when was the last time i went to a ballgame? i go to about 10-15 a year all over the country. i have been to 21 major league ballparks, and probably well over 200 games.

oh, i am sorry my intellect doesn't "get it" and that i take offense to your condescending nature. Oh yeah, fyi, I know by posting i am just playing your game.

Check again:

Check again: http://www.smokiesbaseball.com/merchandise/Default.asp?itemId=486&catego...

>>as far as al banning people, well, something tells me he doesn't just ban someone who he disagrees with -- they probably have committed some sort of offense -- but that's not the point.<<

Did you know that Al banned me once, despite having not posted a comment there in months?

>>when was the last time i went to a ballgame? i go to about 10-15 a year all over the country. i have been to 21 major league ballparks, and probably well over 200 games.<<

And you've never seen anybody wearing the duo-colored hat. Okay.

>>oh, i am sorry my intellect doesn't "get it" and that i take offense to your condescending nature. Oh yeah, fyi, I know by posting i am just playing your game.

What "game" is that, exactly? I just asked you to tell me why you feel the way you do about duo-tone hats. You have responded with relentless hostility. Instead of going on and on about the sanctity of baseball and how duo-tone hats somehow violate that, why not just say "I personally don't like it, it's just not my taste"?

Kind of reminds me of a regular debate I have with my fiancee. She will often tell me that a band sucks. Maybe the band *doesn't* suck ... maybe she just doesn't have a taste for that style of music. You follow what I'm saying?

Anyway, just out of curiosity, since I haven't called you any names directly, what other names have I called you between the lines?


Sorry, I'm done with this argument and this site. I am not interested in this discussion anymore. It seems that we are incapable of having a good civil back and forth without you posting snarky posts about "blogging", and i figured it would be better to just remove my account and look for other blogs to discuss the Cubs with that don't require me to "get it". I used to check your site everyday because I enjoyed the humor and the opinions -- even though they ran counter to just about everything i believe -- but now you've just lost yourself a loyal reader.


And for those of you who

And for those of you who have been following ceepea17's meltdown, I'm sure you noticed that he:

1. Never answered my question as to why he felt that duo-colored hats were offensive to baseball traditions

2. Accused me of vigorously arguing his criticisms of the jerseys I designed when I never contradicted a single point he made about them, except to note that the latter two were not inspired in any way the looks of the 70's, except the hats

3. Accused me of name-calling and being thin-skinned when he was the one who called names and became unbelievably defensive



Sory Kurt

You're banned.

No team likely would be able

No team likely would be able to get white hats as a part of their uniform, as any opposing team would likely gripe about the pitcher wearing a white had contributing to their team not being able to pick up the ball out of his hand.

Random hat link ... in his

Random hat link ... in his 2nd year as a Yankee, Babe Ruth wore this hat: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dressed_to_the_nines/detail_page.... - PINSTRIPED.

Anyway, it's a slippery slope ... to this day they allow the two-tone hats, so I don't know why they wouldn't allow a white hat with a diff. colored brim. Sounds like it's splitting c-hairs.

I don't know that MLB

I don't know that MLB wouldn't allow a team to wear a solid white hat as a fact, that was more of an educated guess on my part.

You very well could be right

You very well could be right about it, tho'.

BTW - that design is

BTW - that design is exceedingly dull. A baseball jersey doesn't need to have bells and whistles, but it needs to have something that makes it unique. Achieving that uniqueness by looking like a bat and glove weilding cloud ... not the way to do it.

Personally, I think the Cubs

Personally, I think the Cubs home unis are the best in the league.

Personally, I think the Cubs

Personally, I think the Cubs home unis are the best in the league. That is, as it stands now.

I like the Cubs look but

I like the Cubs look but it's gone stale. Time for a change, faux-retro or genuine-retro, either way.


I disagree. It's not broke and it's not stale. Best uni's in the league.

Don't make me ban you again.

Honestly I like what you did

Honestly I like what you did with most of the jerseys you put together. I'm a fan of retro jerseys more than anything, with the oldest being the best, in my opinion. I also like solid or striped socks as opposed to stirrups, but that's really just splitting hairs. A team like the cubs have to honor their tradition, so I wouldn't suggest a complete make-over of the home or away jersey. But it wouldn't hurt to maybe consider using a different or additional alternate jersey, and really the idea of having a throwback jersey day weekly or bi-weekly would play right into this. The team is in a situation where the jerseys could use a little variety but they cannot completely abandon their traditional look.


And from their perspective, it would be another nice money maker. I don't think the Cubs should go jersey crazy like the Mets have, but they can do a few things and do it tastefully.

Marketing dollars baby.

Marketing dollars baby. More styles of jerseys=more opportunities for sales. Especially if the team is able to design multiple jerseys that fans can appreciate. Launching 3 new alternate uniform designs to be sold in the stadium and elsewhere could, revenue-wise, be the difference between signing a free agent next season and not.

Just a reminder

I just want to issue a brief reminder to everybody two very important rules about websites, blogs, and message boards.

1. If you write on a blog, you are not allowed to express a strong opinion - or any kind of opinion - and defend it. If anybody has a problem with your opinion, that's tough for you, you need to get some thicker skin. Especially do not ask people to back up their opinions, or explain them, because that just means you are attacking them.

2. If you read a blog, you are permitted to disagree with any opinion VERY STRONGLY and if anybody dares debate you about it, then they need to grow up, get some thicker skin, and be put in their place.

Moving forward

Does anyone know how many games the cubs devote to wearing throwback jerseys in a season? I can remember a few off the top of my head from last season, but i don't think it could have been any more than once per month if I had to guess.

Also has there been any internal talk of making some adjustments to the jerseys the team wears? Especially following a team like the Red Sox making some small changes? In the case of the Red Sox, I wouldn't be surprised to see increased jersey sales as a direct result of the changes they made.

I think the Cubs usually

I think the Cubs usually wear a throw-back one series a year, but I don't think they have an official policy about it.

I can remember the 60 years

I can remember the 60 years on WGN throwback game, where they televised the game in black and white with the original commercials. But I don't remember another specific example outside of that one.

this time i really truly ain't trollin'

Good job on putting together some reasonably well thought out designs. While I might not favor these designs over the current one, they are interesting to look at.

I would say that the basic template for the first 2 options is too 1970s Braves - I'd rather see the Cubs borrow elements from their own uniforms than other teams. Not a big fan of the two-tone cap. Looks great as a fan's hat, maybe even as a batting practice cap. But too associated with 70s Braves for my taste. I like those 70s Braves uniforms, but I like them for that franchise.

I don't like the Cubs script across option 2 because it looks too much like the Iowa Cubs uniform. Seems backwards for the major league team to be taking design cues from its minor league team. I know that it briefly appeared on Cubs road uniforms, but now it just seems too associated with the minors.

The alternate jersey shouldn't say 'Chicago' on it if it is going to be worn at home.

For a favorite, I think I'd like made up option 5. It would be home option 4 with sleeves and road option 3 with sleeves.

I can't say for sure, but

I can't say for sure, but the Cubs used the cursive on the road unis around 1992, and I think Iowa adopted it later on. As for the cursive Chicago, I put it on a uniform with gray pants to convey it's a road jersey... if they wore it at home they could have one that was the cursive Cubs, but in red.

Anyway, as for the two-tone/duo-tone cap, it was first made popular by the Expos in '69 and different versions of it were worn by teams including the Braves, Brewers, Padres, Orioles, and Blue Jays up through the early 90's. (I'm relatively certain that no other teams wore it in the majors, but I could be mistaken about that.) When the Blue Jays started wearing it occasionally again in '08, I came to really like the way it looked, and it's not surprising that the Cubs are manufacturing it again as well. I wouldn't expect them in all seriousness to ever wear it as a part of the official garb, but I do think it'd look pretty cool.


I failed to notice the gray pants/alternate as an away combo; I saw the blue jersey and thought that Carlos would be wearing that every time he takes the mound regardless of where he's pitching. Maybe the 'Chicago' on the alternate jersey should be changed to 'Zambrano'.

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