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Jake Peavy is dominating your rumor mill

Raul Ibanez rumors just won't die. Just say no to Raul Ibanez!

Jake Peavy rumors keep picking up steam:

As for Peavy, who has four years and at least $63 million left on his contract with San Diego, three teams are in the running now that the Padres have announced they would trade him for the right mix of young players. The teams are believed to be the Dodgers, Braves and Cubs, although it is doubtful Peavy would be traded within the West Division.

That leaves the Cubs and Braves. And one scout said the Cubs "don't have the talent it would take."

The Padres need a young starter in return, plus other young players as they reduce payroll. The Braves have better young pitching, especially considering Jeff Samardzija's deal with the Cubs includes a no-trade clause. A source said the Cubs were offering Ronny Cedeno, Felix Pie and others, but that could not be confirmed.

CBS Sportsline says to add Rich Hill to the list of players available. The Padres are trying to dump Khalil Greene and his salary, which explains the inclusion of Ronny Cedeno in rumors.

Pads GM says that Peavy has added two AL teams to his list; Peavy's agent says he hasn't.

Robothal says the Braves are still the frontrunners in the Peavy derby, while the Dodgers seem to have dropped out. He also says that either retaining or replacing Wood and Dempster could keep the Cubs from acquiring a guy like Bobby Abreu. Again, good! No Bobby Abreu!

Do we want Peavy?

I know many Cubs fans will call me insane for asking such a question. I admit I am doing an about face on my stance on Peavy. The question a fan should ask is why are the Padres so willing to dump a certified ace? An answer may be that his current elbow issues are merely a sign of times to come. According to Chris Oleary, Peavy's arm location and mechanics are the cause of his recent elbow problems. In the future, it result in shoulder issues. Given the Cubs already have two pitchers with shoulder issues is to wise to have this guy on the books?


Lot of witch-doctory...

...in sites like that; I'm not sure I trust any of those guys.

The Padres are cutting salary due to financial problems brought on by the Moores' divorce. I'm far more worried about how he'd do without Petco backing him up.


The home and away ERA's are quite drastic. At home it is sub 2.00. On the road is over 4.00.

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