Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Taking the high road for a change...

Lost in the perpetual suckitude of the Cubs offense and the pitiful showing by our short-armed "closer", was the stellar performance by Ted Lilly, coming off of the DL with both a knee and shoulder problem.  Having him back to full strength bodes well for us, both short and long term.

If we are going to salvage anything from this abortion of a season, we need guys like Lilly.  If we are going to do anything next year, we need him to be at full health and strength.  Based on what we have on staff, when you consider all qualities of a starting pitcher: physical talent, mental toughness, emotional stability, on-field results, and health - Ted Lilly is as close to a staff ace as we have.

Look, folks, I don't know if a manager has much to do with whether or not a highly-paid player acts professionally, takes his job seriously, does the prep-work, and gets himself back from injury in a timely manner.  Because Ted Lilly does that better than any other Cub.  I personally don't think those things SHOULD be Lou Piniella's job.  But I don't know that for sure, maybe that is the manager's job, to motivate the troops. 

If it IS, then Piniella should be fired, immediately, because for the most part, this is the most listless bunch I have ever seen.  If Ramirez, Soto, Zambrano, Dempster, Harden, Soriano, and all of the Second Basemen of Suck were to follow Lilly's lead, maybe we wouldn't be six games in back and sinking like a rock.

I am sick to death of

I am sick to death of watching this douche-sack, Gregg, blow games for us. Granted, I have only been able to keep tabs on the Cubs from afar, having spent most of the past year in India with less than miserable internet access. And yet, it seems like as often as not Gregg has come in to blow a gem of a game. And Lilly threw a gem last night. I know has had his supporters, and when I actually go back and look at the numbers, Gregg hasn't been an awful closer. Rather just this side of average. But when you have an offense that can't score runs against my grandma - and she's been dead for several years, God rest her soul - and a rotation that can hold the opposition to 1-2 runs a game, you just can't make do with an average closer. You need some combination of God, Jesus, and (and I can't believe I'm saying this) Francisco Rodriguez. F***ing Kevin Gregg.

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