Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Life as it should be

Jason is right.

To steal the line from Madeline Kahn in "Blazing Saddles", I'm Tired.  I'm home from work.  I don't feel like doing squat.  I've been dealing with stress all weekend - anyone that knows me realizes that all my stress comes from home, and work is where I go to get away from it, usually.  There, I'm considered to be some sort of cross between Rain Man and the Village Idiot.  But I am home now, and I am heading for the couch and I am not leaving.

For there is Cubs baseball this evening, HD or not, it's a teevee treat.  It is life, the way it should be.  I sympathize with those flighty romantics who pine for day baseball at Wrigley, under God's sun.  I get what you're saying, I do.  It's a throwback to a time when life was simpler, and in some ways, better.  It was definitely slower, and simpler, and without air conditioning and brazzers.com.

But I gotta tell ya, this is nice to be able to just kick back and watch Rich Harden strike out about 12 Redlegs tonight.  Don't know if he'll win, or even last five...but he'll strike out 12.  Curious that everyone gets on Z for going for K's, padding his pitch counts.  They said the same thing about Wood and Prior.  But somehow Harden, who fans more per inning than anyone I can possibly remember, gets a pass.  Maybe he himself needs a little Maddux-a-cation.

And, what's more good news for me, and Jason, and the Cubs themselves, the vast majority of weekday games, from now until September, are under the lights.  Night baseball...it's fa-a-a-a-a-antastic!!

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