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Tuesday morning Hoffsplooge

So far this spring, Micah Hoffpauir is doing everything possible to make Lou Piniella's job difficult.  He's 7 for 19 (.368) with 2 homers and 8 RBI in 5 games played.  Ironically, I can't help but think of the entirely forgettable Major League 2, starring Charlie Sheen, in which a rejuvenated Willie Mays Hayes comes to camp a "power hitter."  Early on into the Spring he crushes some homeruns to which his skipper Lou Brown says "sure, but that pitcher's going to be stocking shelves next month."

Much as they were last September when he went on his run, Cub fans are talking about him like he could be the next offensive force, a 30 homerun hitting monster who deserves his chance to play in the bigs.  But the skeptic in me keeps looking at a few other factors, like his age - he'll be 29 by opening day - and his slow rise in Iowa - he took three years to flat out dominate the way he did last season.  Both of those factors paint The Hoff as a flash-in-the-pan.

Yet there he his, leading the Cubs early in hits, homers, and RBI.  It's hard to deny that he's well on his way toward earning a spot on the team, and that would be fine with me.  I certainly can't contest that he'd be any worse than Daryle Ward was last year; in fact he's bound to be better.  I wouldn't argue that he'll ever be a good defensive outfielder, but if his primary use is as a pinch hitter/spot starter/occassional late-inning substitute/speller for Derrek Lee, then why the heck not? 

I just ask that you keep your skepticism glasses on for a little while longer - assuming you were wearing some to begin with.  It's early in Spring, where pitchers more often than not throw a lot of fastballs.  Let's see where The Hoff winds up once the breaking pitches come into play, and don't be surprised if some points are shaved off his batting average between now and April 6th. 

Admittedly, I've been extremely cautious about Hoffpauir, but I'm really hoping to be wrong.  Having a bat of his apparent caliber on the team would be an outstanding addition to an already strong squad.  However the keyword in that last sentence is - for now - "apparent."  Let's not forget that, lest we get our hopes up over nothing.

You KNOW I always love the Hoff

Even though I advocate using him as trade bait for Jake Peavy, I consider that as high praise, to be included in an attempt to land a Cy Young award winning Staff Ace.

I think the Hoff deserves the chance to earn a MLB salary from now until middle age. Just probably as a DH.

I'll remind everyone of a

I'll remind everyone of a point you've made previously.

If we had a 29-year old hitter capable of .300/30/100 on our bench, playing for the league minimum, with another 1B already in front of him on the depth chart (mind you, with projected numbers below those), you don't think we'd be getting all kinds of calls about his availability? You don't think he'd be at the top of every list of trade rumors for guys like Peavy?

Not only is Hoff not at the top, he's never been mentioned.

The moment anyone presents ANY evidence of ANY other team's interest in Hoff, I'll buy into his potential. Until then, I'll trust the scouting and talent evaluation of the 30 major league teams and suppose that the Hoff is about as useful as Daryl Ward.

I don't see the problem with

I don't see the problem with Hoffpauir. Regardless of his age or whether or not other teams covet him for trades, there's a need for him on the club.

Soriano and Lee will miss games at some point. Pinch hitting will come into play. Hoffpauir fills the gap and he's as competent or better, and much cheaper, than Ward.

Why fret about a backup?

Who's fretting?

Who's fretting?

agreed. i think all of us

agreed. i think all of us here are wanting him on the team, just not as a starter.

Good backup 1B

Is there a roster spot for Hoff? I would think so.

Plus, Hoff is a good backup 1B if DLee goes down. Cheap, good hitter with power. I'll give up defensive at 1B for offense. But is Hoff's OF defense so bad that we can't even spell Bradley for interleague games? Bradley DH'd so much last year I figure he'll need as much breaks as we can give him. FukuReed are a good defensive replacement, but no power there.

Give up defense...

Did Major League Two really

Did Major League Two really just get quoted? I'm more astonished that Kurt actually saw and quoted that movie than Hoffy raking against sub-par pitching. Right now Harry Doyle is somewhere doing shots of Jack Daniels because of this.

Hey man, I saw Major League

Hey man, I saw Major League 2 more often than I saw the FIRST one! But it's not my fault, I was a kid!

BLASPHEMY!!! I don't

BLASPHEMY!!! I don't care if you were in kid with palsy, the original is about 92.4% better than the second one. Its like comparing Howry's fastball to Dunston's.

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