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Here's to you, Matt Murton.

We may not have a Tyler Colvin tag here at GROTA, but we sure as hell have one for Matt Murton.

Murton was a good baseball player -- which is to say, he wasn't a great one. His power was unimpressive, his defense was sort of roundabout, and he wasn't exactly quick. But if Matt excelled at any of the five tools so often referenced in baseball, it was hitting for average.

In 160 plate appearances at age 23 (that is really, really young), Murton hit .321 with just 22 strikeouts. The next year, he hit .297 in 508 plate appearances over 144 games. Unfortunately, his MLB career would assume a downward trend from there, but the guy does have 272 more major league hits to his name than most people on this earth.

So if he's not in the major leagues anymore, why am I writing about him?

The answer is at this link.

Congratulations, Matt, on a job well done!

Great Accomplishment

Thanks AJ for recognizing this great accomplishment!

Matt Murton NOT being a major league outfielder will remain to me one of the great mysteries of the world.

Second Cub to do well in Japan

Does anyone remember Tuffy Rhodes? Former Cub who tied the Japanese home run record. It seems like our players seem to do better in Japan.

The legend of Matt Murton

The legend of Matt Murton grows. He'll be in the majors soon again, even Jay Gibbons was kicked to the curb after his name was found in the Mitchell report and he bounced to Japan, did well, and now is back in the majors. It's only a matter of time, not sure why he just couldn't do it but sometimes it takes guys longer then others to "make it".

I always loved that guy, even

I always loved that guy, even when he sucked.

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