Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The heart is for hoping; the brain is for thinking

It has come to my attention that some of you are still holding a candle for the 2009 season.  Some of you are still swillin' the Blue kool-aid, although the ice cubes melted long ago and it HAS to be all watery and diluted.  Some of you are still wearing your rose-colored shades, even though they're all smudged and need to be wiped badly.  Some of you are still sitting in your seats clapping your hands and stomping your feet and chanting "weeee want a hit" even though it's in the bottom of the ninth and we're down 10 runs.

If that is you, my friends, I weep for your naivete, but...

...if your name is Jim Hendry, this is inexcusable.  We still have a chance?  Says who?  Says YOU?  Then you, you're either a bad liar, or a dumbass!

Jim, you put every single man on your active roster not on the DL on waivers, and only 12 players were claimed?  Twelve!  Remember the article I wrote last week when I said there were only 15 guys that ought to be kept, and that includes the reprehensible Soriano and Zambrano contracts (they are no longer men or players, but contracts at this point)?  So there were 13 guys worth claiming?  Well, it appears even I was too ambitious, since I didn't include Harden or Heilman. 

Jim, take the hint.  Only 12 guys on your team are good enough for someone else to want, and one of THOSE is the arsonist wearing #47, Heilman?  And YOU pulled them all back?  Gatdammit, Jim, it's over!  Done!  There is no harm done for the basement dwellers in Bucktown and the housewives in Keokuk in sticking it out until the bitter end, but you, sir, are in charge of this competitive entity, and you are paid, handsomely, to evaluate talent and construct the most competitive ballclub for the NEXT SEASON IN WHICH YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN!! 

And, Jim, that season is 2010.  This team could have been better for 2010 if you would have taken the offers other teams were making you for our chaff.  No, I don't expect you to let Soto and Ramirez and Lilly and Marmol go, unless of course someone was offering you increased value (which is doubtful, of course).  But anyone outside of the "core" of this team, and certainly Heilman and Harden are not part of the "core", you gotta take that chance!

The guy on the other side of town?  He's an assclown with delinquent kids, but he knew when to cut bait.  He also has a ring.  Therefore, he's a more decorated GM than you, and arguably a better one, and maybe you ought to take a cue from him. 

Chicago Tribune's Chicago's Best Blogs award