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Trading for a pitcher - harder than it seems

Okay, I am pretending to be Jumbo Jim Hendry now, which is a mental exercise I go through nearly every day.  If only I enjoyed, say, the Bowflex or the LifeCycle as much.

I am extremely hesitant to mess with my team's chemistry right now, and thus my list of untouchables is much longer than Kyle's at this point.  Here is what I am willing to part with for a pitcher:

  • Column "A" - starting pitchers - Hill OR Marshall OR Gallagher
  • Column "B" - line drive hitters - Murton OR Hofpauir OR Colvin
  • Column "C" - middle infielders - Patterson OR Cedeno OR Fontenot

I would prefer one from Column "A", one from Column "B", and one from Column "C".  What do you suppose that would buy me?

I think it would buy me A. J. Burnett.  I also agree with most that believe that Burnett is just a slightly less xtreme Kerry Wood.

I do not think it would buy me Erik Bedard.  Maybe Bill Bavasi would have taken that bait, but the new guy is going to be a bit more hesitant, waiting for the big score.  He'd probably want TWO from Column "A", Colvin and Cedeno.  I'm not really willing to give him Gallagher AND Marshall AND Cedeno for Bedard.

I would give the Indians all that for Sabathia.  I am still unconvinced of Cedeno's baseball IQ, I don't think Marshall has more than 4th starter potential, and I'm not sure Colvin is what he thinks he is.  So sure, I'd give that up. 

But I don't think the Tribe is going to settle for that.  They are going to go into this, ultimately, wanting Soto - since Victor Martinez seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.  Of course, I tell them no plucking way, but now I am on the defensive.  They probably think they are entitled to two from Column A PLUS either Soulpatch Reed, Theriot or Marky Mark.

If this were the offseason, and I was guaranteed I could sign the Big Sunnybitch, I might give it more consideration.  But not now.  They can't have anyone out of my regular lineup when we are leading the MLB.  No way I phuck with that. 

So...harder than you think.  Most here would prefer that either Marshall comes back and takes charge, or Gallagher takes another step up and takes charge, or maybe Hill extracts his thumb from his ass and takes charge.  There is a certain 'retained value' to this scenario, true.  But I have always believed that deserving players should get what they deserve, and that their current team should do what they can to make sure that happens; to not stand in the way of their development.  I believe that RIGHT NOW Murton and Hofpauir deserve to play every day for an AL team, and Marshall deserves to start for an ML team, and that Cedeno deserves to play every day for an ML team. 

Just not mine.


is not a strength, so making any deals with other teams that believe the Cubs are urgent to make a deal is crazy. I like the heavy unit from Cleveland but I'd also do a little window shopping at the Rangers yard sale come July. The big LH bat in CF might be able to be pried away from them for the young pitchers the Cubs have and the Rangers so desperately need.

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