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Encarnacion was safe; but who cares?

In every successful season in sports, there are many "breaks" that help the successful team down the road.  It has been a great break for us to have played Pittsburgh, Cincy and Washington after the All-Star hiatus.  It has been a great break that the Cardinals lost two of three after trading for offensive missing link Matt Holliday.  We have endured many injuries, but so have nearly every other contender in the division.

I still think we suck.  I still don't think Fukudome and Bradley are earning their keep.  Soriano seems to be on the upswing; this particular swing better be quite long, drawn out, and bloody to make up for the two months of utter suckitude he just turned in.  We still don't have a second baseman, particularly against lefties, and wasn't that the key area we were supposed to be addressing this past off-season? 

Oh, yeah.  That's what Aaron Miles was brought here for.  GUH!

I'm the 'glass half-empty' guy.  While the rest of you are hootin' and hollerin' about sweeping the Reds, I'm still worried about how we laid down like panting dogs in Philly, and how we are going to do this week with the AssTrolls.  This is a big series, coming up, because we have a road trip after this.  And God bless those of you with enough wherewithall and foresight to make the road trips and negate the home crowds in most NL parks.  (I have done my part so far in Milwaukee and the Cell this year, and I'll make an appearence in Pissburgh on Labor Day.  But I myself consider my contributions to be meager, at best). 

If you are a Cub fan "abroad", and the boys are coming to your town, show up!  This particular Cub team is operating with the thinnest of error margins.  They may hang tough the rest of the summer; they may fold like a wet taco shell, neither will surprise me.  They are going to have to function at nearly full capacity in order to make the NLDS for a third consecutive year.  That means that all of us can play a part in this.  I think it helps when the Cubs can count on some of their fans nearly everywhere they go.  That's what the Dempsters and Reed Johnsons and DLees always say when asked, and while it might sound like rah-rah hooey to the more cynical of us, what is important that THEY believe it.

So if you live in Ohio or Kentucky or Colorado or Florida, get your ass to the park next week.  Help the Cubs, and help the rest of us mortgage slaves who can't make it there.

And, if you can wear catcher's gear without looking silly, and make a decent throw to second base, pack it along with you.  We might need you...

Sept 19

I have my tickets for the big Sept showdown with the Cards. I hope karma doesn't bite me in the ass because I took my Cardinal fan friends to Wrigley for the division clincher.

For the most part, I hear ya.

For the most part, I hear ya. But let me just cherry pick some stats for ya to see if I can't improve your confidence just a smidgeon.

First, let's talk 2B. I think that situation is actually resolved pretty nicely. We've got three guys that'll play there, depending on the situation.

Against righties, Lou will play Fontenot. He's hitting .271 in July, with a .441 slugging percentage. Against lefties, we go with Baker. He's got a .526 slugging percentage against lefties, which is relatively sicknasty. Then in the late innings, we use Blanco. Wahoo!

Also, about Kosuke: His defense makes him a Top 20 outfielder. Maybe that's not worth $12 million, or maybe it is. But when you look at his batting average and home run totals, you have to also remember his superior defense in center field, and his on-base percentage.

So, there's that.

Agreed. Fooky has been a

Agreed. Fooky has been a disappointment, but if he hits in August and September as he did in July, I will be perfectly satisfied. He's had a very good July.

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