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Thursday morning announcement thread

First and foremost - the Cubs won the Spring opener yesterday by a score of 5-3.  The deciding factor in the win was a granny by Micah Hoffpauir, who wants to really get us worked up when the Cubs leave him off the 25-man roster no matter what numbers he puts up in Spring Training.  Much as Dusty Baker says, baseball is - or at least should be - an earn it sport, and if Hoffpauir proves that his bat can be more valuable than the gloves of So Taguchi and/or Joey Gathright, then he damn well better break camp with the team.

In other news, long-time Goat Reader AJ Walsh has started a new blog called Bench Aaron Miles!  BAM! is presently lacking in the bells and whistles, but I have already cooked up a logo for him and will be a sometimes-contributor on the site along perhaps with Goat Rider Rob.  I wish AJ all the luck in the world, although I sincerely hope that Miles is in fact benched before the Cubs leave for New York to smack around the Yankees. 

Lastly and most importantly - at least as far as GROTA is concerned - we are proud to announce that we will be adding a new writer to our staff.  Chris Yarbrough - aka Yarbage - has been blogging about the Cubs since 2003.  In fact, his was perhaps the second Cubs blog I ever read on a regular basis back before I started one of my own.  For a time, Yarbage was working as a real live journalist before moving on to become a teacher, and since he doesn't feel that he can blog regularly on his own he's decided to join us and blog semi-regularly for GROTA.  Let's all give him a warm welcome while being thankful that he's not likely to turn out to be a bit loony like one of our past writers.  Still, I shall call him Probie until he either proves himself by punching Vance Law in the face or we bring on another new writer, who would then take up the moniker. 

What did Vance Law ever do to choo?

He's a kind, gentle man who never slept with porn stars.

Now, on the other hand, if I ever saw Danny Jackson crossing a street in front of me...

UPDATE: I cannot contribute to BAM. Please e-mail me some login information.

games n photos

Kurt, FYI, I've got tix to four games (so far) and will probably be taking photos again.

That's fantastic, DB. I

That's fantastic, DB. I would be extremely appreciative if you post them here.



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