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Just a friendly reminder

Loyal Goat Readers,

I know that for a lot of you, the Cubs are the last thing you really want to think about or talk about, as they disappointed the crap out of us all against the Dodgers.  However, I think a lot of you still have some thoughts that deserve expression beyond commenting our shoutboxing.

So, don't forget the Reader's Blogs.  Some topics you might want to write about may include:

  • Jim Hendry's 4 year extension?  Good idea, bad idea?
  • Bob Brenly and his potential departure
  • The pending free agents, some of whom we are particularly attached to
  • The greatness that is Micah Hoffpauir, and how Derrek Lee is holding him back

Just a few ideas for you. Me, I'll be back later tonight with some more content.  Oh, and thanks again for reading this blog.  We may disagree sometimes, but I'm glad you're here.

THE HOFF is awesome. Thats

THE HOFF is awesome. Thats true facts for you.

Hoff is a great player...

But I guarantee you he'll be traded and not given a chance to play right or left...check his stats last year in triple A...phenomonal...toss him in a trade and stick w pie(time to give up)...Mr Wyers didn't get my joke about Soriano-laziest, most selfish, arrogant ball player I've ever seen. Never seen anyone stand there and admire his hits, hop to catch a ball, strike out and walk back to the dugout-spit a hundred times-and not a give a %^&*. I felt bad for him in St louis earlier in the year when he misplayed two balls that a little leaguer could have come up with. Not anymore. He's an embarrasment as a lead-off hitter and a terrible liability wherever you put him on the field. Please trade this guy

I don't know

in God's green earth who could absorb or want Soriano's contract. Some Trib reporter threw out the idea if the Dodgers were not able to resign M Ramirez they might be interested in Soriano but I don't see it. We have this guy who is overpaid for sure but in lieu of moving him, playing him in LF and moving him down to the 5 hole in the lineup is the best I think we can hope for.

With that said, the question of how much money the Trib is willing to increase it's budget will determine if next season is one where the team is going to go all out to make one last push with this cast. I for one am doubtful the money will be spent to address these issues, and I'm talking Yankee and Red Sox money, not just a token 10% increase in payroll.

With Dempster and Wood together likely to command another $10-$15M increase over last year and another $7.5M increase due to backloaded contracts, you see how adding even one quality FA would be a stretch unless the Trib is willing to increase the payroll significantly.

Trading Soriano or Lee or both would sure help, but they both have no trade clauses and even if they were willing to waive them, you still have to find a trading partner that would be willing to accept these players without wanting the Cubs to absorb an expensive contract in return.

Pretty depressing huh?

I know, I know, the Cubs don't have to resign Dempster or Wood and therefore save the money they would demand, but at what cost to the team? Is Marshall going to be able to replace the production of Dempster? Does letting Wood go mean we have to resign Howry?

I believe that unless the Cubs organization gets revamped, the MLB club will always be a step behind the curve in fielding a competitive team year in and year out..

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