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Your Sunday headlines

Oh, that silly media.

Paul Sullivan reports that various members of the national media have turned the Cubs into a punchline again.  I know how I feel whenever I come across this kind of thing, and it's probably how you feel too - it's embarrassing, and because of that I tend to get pissed.  But, hey, it's hard to blame them.  Futility makes for an easy punchline, and causing some people pain is hardly a reason not to tell a joke.

The Caveman Journalist speculates that Manny Ramirez could join the Cubs.  I'll summarize the article for you so you don't have to read it ... I am just a simple caveman journalist.  Your world frightens and confuses me!  Why, just the other day, a homeless man approached me with a tin cup.  I thought, "Is this scruffy man planning on attacking me in order to claim my luxurious apartment for his own?  And so I pummeled him until he was bleeding and unconscious on the pavement, and then I took his smelly woman for my own.  But while I don't understand the nature of homelessness in society, what I do know is this: while he is old, expensive, and defensively worthless, Manny Ramirez could join the Cubs in 2009.

The Sun-Times is reporting that Hendry is close to an extension.  The relevant text for this article: "Jim Hendry may be close to aw gawd, we're going broke, the newspaper industry is collapsing, what will we doooo?"

And lastly, the Tampa Bay Rays have learned what it's like to be the Chicago Cubs.  After taking a 3-1 ALCS lead on the Red Sox, Tampa squandered a huge lead in Game 5, never really seemed in it in Game 6, and are now playing with their backs against the wall in Game 7.  Man, nothing crushes a person's soul quite as badly as an Epic Playoff Loss (EPL for short). I wish them the best of luck.

I say sign Manny if

you can sign the Flash to play centerfield. With Manny in right and Soriano in left, only a super hero could make that outfield work defensively.

Phil Rogers

I hate that Phil Rogers' crazy musings are deemed legitimate. It's like he just talks completely pie in the sky and then sites that look for rumors will pick it up like it's an actual rumor when really, it's something Phil cooked up at his laptop 30min before a deadline. Then crappy sites like espn's rumor mill will end up with a "Manny to Wrigley?" type of teaser.

So far this offseason Phil has had the Cubs potentially trading Soriano and Derrek Lee and then signing Manny Ramirez. Come on, honestly. I would imagine that discussions about ACTUALLY doing any of those 3 things hasn't even gotten a mention in the Cub front office. "So Randy what do you think we should do?" "Well Jim, Manny Ramirez is available and to clear space, we could just trade Soriano's contract to Los Angeles, because Lord knows they love an abundance of expensive outfielders." "Good point Randy, let's make it happen. While you're at it, call Lee and get him to waive his no trade clause to play with a terrible Giants team."

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