Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The times, they change

Spring Training is a scant twoish weeks away.  The Cubs are preparing to trot out a team with many flaws but big potential - in part because of the many flaws of their primary opponents, the other teams in the NL Central.

So maybe things aren't changing too much, because this is pretty common for Chicago.  And yet, things are definitely taking a new direction, at least on the GROTA front.

First, I'm sure you folks have noticed - and welcomed - the return of Kyle Betts, blogger extraordinare who spends his days in Tribune Tower.  I'm also certain that you haven't noticed my continued absence - that's both a testament to GROTA's great blogging crew, and to my own mundane blogging talents.  I'm pretty much a one trick pony.  Always have been.

The presence of Kyle is, in reality, the beginning of some pretty serious changes here at GROTA.  No, I'm not going away for good, but Kyle has opened a few doors for us.  While I'm not going to get into specifics just yet - the ink hasn't dried, after all - within a few weeks you'll all have a clearer idea as to what I'm hinting at.

But what I can say is this: the next phase of GROTA is going to be a big one, and we need you to make it work.  We need intelligent, dedicated fans who are willing to express themselves loudly and with confidence.  We need people who know how to have civil debates, who can express themselves clearly, and who don't lose their heads whenever a bunch of others tell them that they are wrong.

After all, it's the internet.  You're always wrong. 

We'll have more details for you once it's official, but for now I'll only say this: make sure you visit this blog regularly for the next few weeks.  You'll be pleasantly surprised if you do... and you'll probably not need my gentle encouragement to continue visiting daily after that.

Edited to add: No, we are not having daily free porn giveaways.  And no iPods!  So stop asking already!

Looking forward to it

Psyched for the new and improved GROTA. Don't downplay your pony Kurt. It's a good pony. It eats right. It's graceful to watch. And while it may only do one trick, (your words, not mine.) you'd be amazed how many ponies are trickless. Think I've run the gamut on pony metaphors. Anything else would be beating a dead......No.Won't go there.

I will do what I can to contribute. I've always liked this website. I tend to disagree with almost everything Rob says. But with every read I begin to understand his passion behind it. I'm also a little more old school in that I tend to trust more of what I see then to go by the new confounding metric stats, although I find them fascinating.

Most importantly, I find this Website very true Cub fan. The face of Cub fandom has constantly evolved. Mainly because every person that moves to this city moves to the north side and every one of them becomes a Cub fan. And since I'm so tired of saying who isn't a Cubs fan, ( For example: I never threw garage on the field from the Bleachers, I don't have a"Fukedome is my homie." t-shirt, and I don't think Reed Johnson is the second coming.), I'd rather celebrate what I loved about Cub fans in the first place- loyal, passionate, frustrated, jaded, but with a great sense of humor and fun to be around. Note that nowhere is the word "loveable".

I moved back from New York city right as the good ship Pinella was going belly up in shit creek last year. I think for having no money and not much of a right to be in his job Hendry did real well this off season. If Ramirez and Zambrano bounce back the Cubs could be in the discussion. Soriano too. Chances of that happening? Probably 5%. Maybe 10%. But I'd rather root for that tha be in the "Hendry sucks, ook at all these contracts" minutia. You might remember them. They were the ones in 2008 waving white W flags and saying "This is our year" and are now complaining because the bill arrived. Ooops. Ranting. Anyway, the San Diego Padres won 90 games with Adrian Gonzalez (spelling?), a bullpen, and eight guys named Hariston. So anything's possible.

So here's to a killer 2011, both on the field and on the Blog. And f the rest and the horse they rode in on. See what I did there? Ending with a horse reference after starting with the Pony thing, coming full circle....ahh forget it.

Thanks for your time. Go Cubs.

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