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Goodbye Iowa?

I was talking with an Iowan sports guru not too long ago about the pending sale of the Cubs to the Ricketts clan.  The very first thing he said to me on the subject was that the sale was bad news for Des Moines. 

The Ricketts family has no association with our corn-growing friends, but they are entrenched in Omaha - the home of the Royals AAA affiliate.  They also have heavily invested in the construction of a new baseball stadium there which is state of the art.  Therefore, my friend is concerned that they will essentially negotiate a "trade" with the Royals - Omaha for Iowa. 

In my opinion, Iowa is as much a part of the Chicago tradition as is blue pinstripes and the Cubbie bear sleeve patch.  It would be strange to not have the Iowa Cubs.  Then again, I like shiny.  A new stadium with quality facilities couldn't hurt our minor league players.

Anyway, I haven't seen it discussed anywhere and meant to bring it up here sooner.  If and when Tom Ricketts starts talking to the press, I hope one of the first questions asked will be regarding the future of the Iowa Cubs - but I'm betting it won't get asked at all.

It was talked about here

It was talked about here Kurt: http://www.omaha.com/index.php?u_page=1200&u_sid=10546363

it's not likely.

It may seem to some...

...that the Cubs have been in Iowa forever.

But as a youngster, it was Tacoma that was the 'reward' for poor Cubs play. But the AAA affiliate has been in DesMoines for a long time.

Although its not likely to

Although its not likely to happen, as an Omaha resident, I would love to see the Cubs come here. I grew up going to Omaha Royals games, but it would be ten times better for me as a Cub fan if the Iowa Cubs moved here. They would need their own stadium though, I don't think they can keep sharing one with the College World Series.

so is it true

that a new stadium is being built for whomever the AAA affiliate is?

If not, then this particular line of questioning is moot.

It's true that a stadium is

It's true that a stadium is being built in Omaha - my understanding of which is that it is being paid for in part by the Ricketts clan.* My source also told me that when asked officially about their future in Iowa, the Cubs have only said that they are contracted to stay there until 2012... so no immediate chance of a move, it seems.

(*I could be misremembering that factoid, though)

From what I've heard, A new

From what I've heard, A new stadium will be built for the College World Series. But the Royals want a seperate stadium thats not nearly as big. So I don't know if the Iowa Cubs would want to be in their own place, or share with the CWS.

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