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Why yes, life IS sweep

Dear Cardinals fans:

You know that feeling of smug satisfaction that you've had the last two Octobers?  You know, the one stemming from how you saw the Cubs swept out of the playoffs?  I'm talking, of course, about that superior feeling that comes from watching teams like Arizona and, yes, Los Angeles crushing the playoff hopes of Cub fans?

It turns out you were right.  That feeling is a good one.  It's not as great a feeling as a championship would be, but I have to admit I smiled when the Cardinals were helplessly swept away by the Dodgers.

Sorry about your luck, Cardinals fans.  The winter is long.  Go Rams?

No Joy In Mudville

Now, is that showing the proper respect and sympathy... was it really necessary... I mean, what makes you think... alright, you guys just SHUT UP!

{calming down, relaxing, going to happy place...}

OK, I admit to a bit of smirking the last two Octobers, so good FORM demands that I put up with the revoltin' developments of THIS October. I haven't checked, but I'm guessing we were done in by the Cubs Factor -- more ex-Cubs on our team than the Dodgers had? It really WILL be a long winter though; I mean, it's been THREE YEARS since we've won a Championship here in St. Louis! Seems like forEVER.

As for me personally, I have 4 grown nephews who live in LA, and one of them just moved from Chicago, living there JUST long enough to become a rabid Cubs fan! So my humiliation is complete. (Not even COUNTING the Rams...)

Cubs factor? Are you sure?

Cubs factor? Are you sure? I'm no expert on players' pasts, but the Dodgers have Juan Pierre and Larry Bowa (as a coach). That's at least two. Is DeRo the only ex-Cub on the Cards?

Oh Yes, Quite Sure

In research done by the Ursine-Hircine Malediction Research Institute in October 2008 it was discovered that ever since 1945, in any Major League Baseball game (regular season and post-season), the odds of winning shift in favor of the team with fewer players who had spent time as Chicago Cubs players. The effect is more pronounced the higher up in the Cubs organization that the player reached, and the number of years spent as a Cub. Again, this is a SHIFT in the odds, not any sort of guarantee, otherwise obviously the Cubs themselves could never win a game.

Another interesting tidbit concerning the Cubs that the UHMRI literally unearthed is the prediction that the Cubs would win the World Series, possibly as soon as 2013. A stone tablet found in the Mayan ruins of Isla Mujeres contained a phrase which translates roughly to "small bears take everything with white ball and wooden club" (apparently offense will matter much more than defense). The year 2013 is a bit of a guess though, since the Mayan calendar actually ends on Dec 21, 2012; the symbol used for the time of the "small bears" victory was JUUNX KYCHUWIINQAL, which translates roughly as "when Hell freezes over".

Hope this helps!

Cubs Factor

By my count, the Dodgers have two ex-Cubs (Pierre, Bowa) if you count coaches and the Cards also have two ex-Cubs (DeRosa, Wellemeyer) if you count the 40 man roster. Not sure what all this means except that the NL West owns the NL Central in the LDS.

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