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Gerald Perry watch ends 58 minutes before it began

As Chris pointed out in the post directly below mine, Gerald Perry looked to be on the hot-seat. Well, in fact, according to Carry Muskat, Gerald Perry was fired at 11:00 a.m. today and will be replaced by Von Joshua.

As for me, I disagree with the move. The recent lack of offense is both recent, somewhat short-lived, and most definitely not Gerald Perry's fault. Jim Hendry has generally conducted his personnel moves with class, but firing a guy mid-season because his hitters are slumping looks rather desparate. Maybe there's pressure from above, but I think that Jim Hendry should take a closer look at his own performance as well. Afterall, Perry was the hitting coach during last year's amazing run of offensive performance.

Cubs hitting coach Gerald Perry coaches first base after Matt Sinatro was ejected.

I am not sure

Someone had to the lamb led to slaughter, and I guess Gerald Perry said yes when he heard his name called. Von Joshua, didn't we go thru this in the not to distance pass?

he was fired by the Sox in 2001

Yeah, seems odd that the same man praised on high for the OBP Revolution of 2008 is now the problem in 2009?

Still, I fully support the

Still, I fully support the firing of coaches when the team's play is crap. Mostly I take this perspective because Dusty Baker was around for about 1.5 years too long.

There is no excusing the poor hitting of EVERYBODY. These players are much better than their numbers. I don't know if I've ever seen an entire team uniformly under-perform their offensive ability.

Maybe Hendry's next move will be to fix the roster a bit. Then again, it probably should have been his FIRST move.

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