Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Chad Gaudin was just that bad

The Cubs did the unthinkable today -- they cut Chad Gaudin. 

It's actually not that surprising, and is only unthinkable in the sense that a year ago he was the "pitcher insurance" the team needed to take on Rich Harden.  Since then he's gone on to become most notable for his facial hair, which is not what you want to be known for if you're a Major League pitcher.  (Instead, you might want to be recognized for  your amazing ability at getting players out.) 

In cutting Gaudin, the Cubs have freed up room on their roster for Angel Guzman (who's pitched poorly, but Gaudin was just that bad) and Dave Patton (who was the Rule 5 pick and before this Spring had never tossed fastballs above A ball).  

It kind of goes back to what I said in a post not too long ago.  Youth can only get you so far.  Gaudin is young enough to bounce back, but he wasn't talented enough to bounce back with the Cubs. 

Not too long ago somebody requested that we do a Player Preview for Patton.  Since he's team-bound, we'll be sure to provide you with one tomorrow ... which is opening day. 

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