Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Just a brief word prior to the Gamecast

I note we don't have tags for either Joey Gathright or Bobby Scales, but I want to make this key point on this, the day Mr. Scales gets his first major league start:

Regardless of how well Bobby does over the next few days, a roster move will have to be made on Friday, when Jim Hendry plans to promote a AAA pitcher to take Z's spot in the rotation. 

Gathright has to be the move.  We need one more backup infielder - whether Scales is the man or not is yet to be determined - and we do not need another quick, light-hitting outfielder when we have both Fukkake and White Slice on the roster.  We can live with only four listed outfielders, considering that we can run Micah Hoffpauir out to a corner OF spot in an emergency.  But the lack of available infielders has already bit us once, and will continue to do so throughout, especially considering that the aforementioned Hoffpauir is not, strictly speaking, an infielder.  He's a DH wearing a National League uniform; and as such, the luxury of a glorified pinch runner has been removed from our capabilities.

Going for five in a row against Lil' Timmy.  Luck!!

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