Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast (June 26, 2010) Cubs @ White Sox

I wrote a gamecast yesterday but it appears to have disappeared into cyberspace. It's tough for many people to be Cub fans right now but that's when you find out who's a real fan. I am a real fan. I hope Zambrano can work out his sometimes Milton Bradley level temper and get back to being a decent, above average starter that he is. I know that Derrek Lee is a professional and will be able to put this behind him also. Nothing cures things like this like winning.

Today's Matchup: Carlos Silva (80.2IP, 3.01ERA, 3.79xFIP) vs Freddie Garcia (78IP, 4.85ERA, 4.78xFIP)

What can I say. The Cubs call on Silva to be the stopper once again. I like the matchup today because Garcia is pretty bad and the Cubs could get well against him. I worry about Silva because, well, he's Carlos Silva!!!!! plus he's bothered by a hamstring and it's just the way this season has gone that he would give up a bunch of runs today in the midst of the team falling apart.

Who's Hot: For some reason a team of pretty mediocre players continues to play like they can't lose and it's the White Sox. No one on the Cubs is particularly hot right now unless you count Z.

Who's Not: Trade rumours. They just haven't happened yet and probably won't start heating up in earnest for another 2 weeks. I think that unless the Cubs put together an improbable run, that will be when the team faces the music.

: When the White Sox were at their nadir, on June 8th, there were rumours of fights that were happening between the manager and the GM and all over the team. No one talks about that now. The Cubs will need a hot streak to get back into the race. I don't think they have it in them but if they do, they need to start soon.

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