Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast (July 31, 2010) Cubs @ Rockies

Yesterday's whooping at the hands of the Rocks is a thing of the past. Now all I wonder about is the future. Lilly is gone, the season is effectively over. The Cubs are only playing for pride now. They have a new second baseman (who is not in the lineup tonight, presumably he isn't with the Cubs yet), and a new #5 starter. DeWitt is a .350 OBP guy so I wonder if he wouldn't make a decent leadoff hitter. Heres my lineup, it's actually shocking to me how strong this lineup could be if everything went right:


whatya think? Not bad, eh? Theriot was clearly the weak link in the lineup. I just think this lineup could be pretty good for the rest of the year. And with Derrek Lee hitting 8th, Rob will be ecstatic!

Today's Matchup: Tom Gorzelanny (86.2IP, 3.22ERA, 4.17xFIP) vs Jason Hammel (110IP, 4.34ERA, 3.72xFIP)

Hammel wins today's peripherals matchup as Gorzelanny has been way too wild this year. You can't walk too many people in Coors Field, even after the advent of the humidor. Furthermore, the Cubs could use a nice long performance from their starter and Gorz just isn't the guy who can do that. This is going to be a tough game to win.

Who's Hot: He shouldn't be hitting leadoff but Colvin continues to produce an ISO of .285 with a .553 SLG. That easily leads the Cubs and he's already hit 16 HR in just 260 PA. Colvin has a 7 game hit streak and has hit safely in 11 of his last 12 including 4 Jimmy Jacks during that stretch.

Who's Not: Andrew Cashner is suddenly suffering through one of the worst stretches of any relief pitcher anywhere. He has given up 12 earned runs and 3 HR in the last 2 games over just 1.1 innings. Ouch!

Conclusion: Let the the Blake DeWitt era commence. Well, whenever he actually plays. In the meantime, it's the Mike Fontenot era, sort of. Anyway. Go Cubs!

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