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Gamecast: Brewers at Cubs, August 3, 2010

Chris Narveson (8-7, 5.90) vs. Thomas Diamond (0-0, 0.00)

Not much else could go worse that didn't last night.  Well, I guess that isn't entirely true.  Ken Macha is currently trying to make last night haunt the Cubs just a little bit more by petitioning the official scorer for another hit in the 26-hit beating.  I guess when you finally get a victory to build on, you need to take the opportunity to beat your opponent over the head with it.  Repeatedly.

The infusion of new blood to the major league roster continues tonight as Thomas Diamond makes his major league debut for the Cubs.  A first round pick of the Rangers in 2004 (10th overall) was supposed to be a piece in a dominant "DVD Trio" Rangers pitching staff along with Edinson Volquez and John Danks.  Diamond was once ranked as high as 52 in the Baseball America Top 100 in 2005  Diamond was the last of the three pitchers to leave the organization after being DFA'd by the Rangers in September.  Part of the reason Diamond didn't stick with the Rangers is due to his fragile nature so far in his career.

Since joining the Cubs, Diamond has been healthy and even made the PCL All-Star team this season.  Under Ryne Sandberg in Triple-A Iowa, Diamond went 5-4 with a 3.16 ERA with 104 strikeouts over 108 innings.  Despite the fall from grace since his days with the Rangers organization, scouts still contend that the right-hander has a hard-nosed and intimidating mound presence.  He features a low 90's fastball, a plus change-up, and a good slider.  While he no longer projects to be a top of the line starter, with a solid string of outings combined with some showing of durability, Diamond could find himself featured in the back end of the rotation for the Cubs in 2011.

Speaking of rotation spots, Lou said today that Big Z will get consideration for a rotation spot when the rotation turns over.  Honestly, this is good news as I'm not sure if I could deal with seeing someone else implode on the mound.  I'm not saying Z won't, I'm just saying that at least then he's earning his money.

In a bout of creativity, both teams are rolling out the exact same lineup as last night.  Hopefully this time, it will play out with different results for the Cubs.  Congrats to Diamond on his debut and finally making it, and I hope to talk about his succes tomorrow morning rather than the need to fill yet another glaring hole by 2011.

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