Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: July 8, 2010- Cubs at Dodgers

Randy Wells (4-6 4.67 ERA) vs. Clayton Kershaw (8-4 3.02 ERA)


Well, that was easy.  The Cubs pull out of Arizona with their first series win since 2003 and their first sweep since April of this year.  To keep the streak alive, the Cubs turn to Randy Wells and hope he can build on his performance against Cincy where he went into the 7th before allowing a hit. 

Kershaw is NOT the type of lefty that seems to mess with the Cubs.  In fact, he is nowhere near "crafty" but uses gasoline and hard moving stuff to get by (and a high strikeout rate evidenced by his K per IP in his last 3).  That being said, he has a win in his only start against the Cubs this year. 

Who's Hot- I never thought I would get to say this during this season, but: Aramis Ramirez.  In his last three games he is 5-12 with 3 HR and 7 RBI.  One can only hope that his thumb is in good shape and he's ready to resume his career norms for the rest of the season.

Who's Not- All-Star Snubs.  Carlos Marmol is a filthy man.  So filthy that he has been overlooked on the All-Star Roster.  Marmol is piling up strikeouts like there is going to be a shortage with a total of 77 in 40.2 IP.  In terms of K/9 that is a 17.04 rate.  For a bit of reference, the best rate out there for a full season was Eric Gagne in 2003 with a 14.98.  Yep.  No pitcher that has pitched over 50 IP has ever cracked even above 15 K/9.  Marmol: Amazing. 


Hopefully "good" Wells shows up tonight and we at least have a pitchers duel.  I have a strange feeling that the momentum being on our side could make this trip not completely suck, starting with tonight.  Let's hope my gut is right.

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