Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: June 28, 2010- Pirates at Cubs

Paul Maholm (4-6, 4.24 ERA) vs. Randy Wells (3-6, 5.21 ERA)

After a weekend marked with aggression in the dugout of the Cubs perhaps taking out some aggression out on the Pirates might be what the doctor ordered.  The Pirates went 2-13 during interleague play and have dropped their last six.  While the Pirates have owned the Cubs so far, it can't hurt to run into a team that has hit the skids even harder than your own.

Another storyline of interest is that the Cubs placed Big Z on the restricted list today.  Much to the delight of Paul Sullivan, this situation will not be resolved with an immediate and quiet apology.  According to Jim Hendry, Big Z will "not meet formally or travel with the team before the (All-Star) break." Moreover, he will begin treatment on Wednesday to deal with his "issue."  The corresponding move will likely be a call-up of Jeff Stevens.

Who's Hot- This isn't so much a "who" but a "what" and that is the term "dead-ass."  This phrase seems quite popular among Cubs fans and the national media alike.  I expect Bob Brenly to quickly trademark the phrase like one Pat Riley and have a lucrative cashflow from merchandise bearing the phrase.

Who's Not-  Outside of the obvious, being the Cubs and Pirates, the trade market has been conspicuously quiet.  I would have expected to hear more names being thrown around at this time, particularly of those wearing Cubs Blue.  I guess we will just have to wait.

The Cubs need a win.  In fact, they could use multiple wins.  I know many have given up on this team, but it would be nice to see the Cubs string a few together and at least extend the losing streak of the Pirates.  Strange things can happen in late June and July, but the team has to put forth effort to make that happen.  Whether that can happen is still an unanswered question at the moment.

bottomlessness of this season

"The Pirates" have beaten us 9-1!

Forget that we're 0-6 in the last two postseasons—we have hit bottom, dented it, bounced up, and puctured the bottom and are through the tub now.

Upon closing out of the MLB.tv window after Nady happlessly struckout looking like a Pirate rookie again, the highlight real replayed the winning double off of Marmol. The Pittsburgh announcers were saying "oh no" when Domitt rounded third and lugged home; they actually showed what we couldn't see on the live broadcast—Domitt had tagged up with 1 out on second, instead of going halfway, so in actuallity the play shouldn't have even been that close, but the Bucks being Bucks, nearly screwed up for us. What poor play these 2 teams are.

how do we F-ing keep losing to these guys. I hate Rami, DLee, and every Cub on that field. How can that many players fail on one team? How can they keep going out there? How can they keep taking that money? I'll never know...but one thing that I keep coming back to: I'm starting to suspect my favorite Cubs have used HGH in the past, and now we're seeing the aftermath—there's just too many good hitters who can't get contact on the ball anymore. There's just too many coincidinces in the last 2 years with these Cubs players.

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