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Gamecast: June 23, 2010: Cubs at Mariners

Randy Wells (3-5, 5.10) vs. Cliff Lee (5-3, 2.55)

Well, the combination of great opposing pitching combined with a scuffling offense tends to be a really bad combination.  This series may be a perfect example of that as the Cubs have to face the two "aces" of this Seattle staff to end the series.  The big story has to be the year Cliff Lee is having so far.  After beginning the year on the DL, Lee has come back and won five games with a pleasant 2.55 ERA.  More impressive is his K:BB ratio: 67:4.  Yep... that's FOUR walks over 77.2 innings.  This is the type of pitching matchup Dusty would dream about: clog-free.

On the other hand, Wells has been scuffling a bit as of late, but turned in a quality start in a win against the Athletics.  Hopefully the time spent working with Larry Rothschild on his delivery and examining why everyone was hitting him like a pinata will pay dividends tonight.

Who's Hot: I put Lee in here last night and he goes 0-fer.  Awesome.  I'm afraid to put someone here now.  However, I'll talk about Andrew Cashner.  Cash has pitched 8.1 innings and not allowed a run yet.  Moreover, he has done well in the few pressure situations he has been put into.  I really like the kid's pedigree and think he can be a vital cog in the pen for a long time.

Who's Not: Soriano's baserunning.  I know that Safeco is a big park.  I also know that Colvin hit a sinking liner.  However, you need to have the ability to judge that ball a bit better and see that a fielder is reaching the ball easily.  This isn't the first time, and it probably won't be the last, but a little bit more field awareness would be stellar.

My gut instinct is that this game is going to suck.  Like, really badly.  However, the Cubs always seem to win the games they have no business winning and getting dominated by some journeyman lefty that can't win a single game unless he plays the Cubs.  Maybe tonight is one of those crazy nights.

Your conclusion is spot on.

Your conclusion is spot on. Just thought I'd say that.

Also, I think Cashner will move back to the rotation next year. But you already knew I thought that. ^_^

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