Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: June 15, 2010, PT Barnum's Athletics at Cubs

Trevor Cahill (5-2, 2.91) vs. Big Z (2-4, 6.05)

Well kids, at least we got one against those pesky White Sox.  And in what fashion.  We may just spill our winning ways into the gulf of baseball and claim that BP Cup afterall.  I feel like I am beating a dead horse (not nearly as fun as a pinata due to the lack of candy) but the Cubs go as far as their offense.  The good news is, the A's are close to anemic in terms of offense as well. 

One sign of the A's desperation for a bat, they have traded for King Valley Fever (not as cool as Disco Fever), Conor Jackson to add to their OF rotation.  CoJack has had a hard time establishing exactly what type of player he is, batting anywhere from leadoff to cleanup... and hitting about .238 on the year.

Who's Hot
Marlon Byrd- 
Marlon seems to have his bat back after a brief hiatus.  Over his past 7, Byrd is batting .500 with 2 HR and an .889 SLG.  Gotta love it when he is going. 

Who's Not
John Grabow
- Well, he had a rehab start, meaning he's on track to make it to the club.  Bad news... he got lit up.  Badly.  Even minor leaguers are torching the guy. Can we get a do over on that contract?

On paper this should be a struggle to plate a run.  Maybe we can have a second pitcher flirt with a no-hitter tonight.  I'll be there working my magic and hoping I don't get poured on, so I'll keep you posted as best as my phone internet will allow me to.  And as I finish this it starts pouring...awesome.

I'm going tonight as well,

I'm going tonight as well, Peter. Likely the only game I will attend all season. I'm gonna have Zambrano the loudest one man ovation I can produce. Love the guy, and I respect him for the incredible professionalism he showed during his demotion.


What is amazing is that how bad the A's bats despite the fact they have the mighty Jake Fox and Eric Patterson. What did you say? Patterson and Jake Fox are awful and part of the reason why the A's suck? Well there you have it. At least big Z may get to face those two clowns....

Not Fox. He was just DFA'd

Not Fox. He was just DFA'd and hadn't been playing much previously.


That's great.... I guess that tells us how good we are at evaluating talent. lol

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